Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich |

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Posted:  July 4, 2012   By:    53 comments   

Update: It looks like a number of Galaxy tablets getting ICS in batches. Here’s the list that we know so far. If you own and of these devices, check for updates regularly and let us know once you get the update. Thanks!

GT-P6210 Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI
GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI + 3G
GT-P6810 Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI
GT-P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI + 3G
GT-P7310 Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI
GT-P7300 Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI + 3G
GT-P7510 Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI
GT-P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI + 3G

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 owners, your time has come, Ice Cream Sandwich is now available for your device. Head on over to Kies or here to get the update. Enjoy

Thanks @rahmansallehin and Johnson C for the heads up.

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53 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich


I'm happy with Honeycomb and will wait for reports from other users. Let's see what goodies Ice Cream Sandwich bring to the Tab 7.7


    Nice ,fast. N smooth… only don have malay language… just updated now n no need wait till malaysia version.. cox austria version is unlock version.. don worry the sim card lock problem


      Dah sampai malaysia, baru je update tadi, just direct online tak payah guna kies


    I update using Kies , unfortunately fail as it stated "downloading…do not turn off target" something like that..could not proceed , turn on/ nally I sent it to SC at PJ the same day. Just received back from them.(after 3 days)..bad news..i've lost all my previouse files (pictures,videos,games, antivirus, installed app ,etc..) 🙁 But the good news is they have already updated my GT-P6800 to ICS Andriod 4.0.4..very smooth, fast, add features such as driving mode,mobile data,software update direct to mobile, etc..


Well It's not available in Malaysia through Kies yet.

Only australia and few europian countries got it.
hope to get it soon in malaysia too.


    Sorry guys I correct myself! it's austria ( in europe ) not australia !
    anyway, hope we can get the ICS soon in Malaysia.

    all the best for 7.7 users!


Canot update ICS


Not yet available in Asia officially…u can get unofficially by flashing


i just flash it yesterday..nice, so far no problem… 🙂
download it from here…


    how did you update/ flash 7.7? pls share. i downloaded the file from your link already. thanks! 🙂


Always 1 version behind. Judge from the efficiency of hackers out there to come out custom ROM, Samsung will be faster to roll out new updates if they hire 1 or 2 of them.


    Samsung already did that awhile back……


      Erm, thanks for dig up the 1 year ago info. Seems like he is either being put into fridge, or just not enough.


        You do realise that the release timing of updates has absolutely nothing to do with Samsung's technical ability right? There are internal testing and QA processes to go through, obtaining carrier approval, streamlining with business requirements, ensuring that whatever improvements or new features align with the feature roadmap, etc. So as you can see, it takes quite a bit more than just a couple of rom hackers

        Also, remember that Samsung (and every other OEM for that matter) would rather sell you a brand new device, instead of continuously providing updates which nevertheless garner consumer goodwill but does nothing for their bottom line.

Idderes Mh

Waiting list for 8.9… ZZzzzzzz


Updated to ics. It works like charm. Get it from sammobile


    How is the battery life? well I wait for the Malaysia Rom as it the one in sammobile belongs to europe, it will void my warranty too.


      Battery is excellent. Full charge for 1 day movie on tab. Ics very smooth just a little lag doesnt matter completely far better than sluggish HC


Samsung is always slow! Thts why their tab 10.1 got banned in US, whereas nexus push updates quicky to escape
If i have other choice, i will not buy third party android again, especially samsung. Trush me, i have bad experience with the first generation of tab p1000, and r stuck with gb. this could b the last update from samsung for the above mentioned tabs…


    there are No doubts that samsung is slow in terms of updates, but the reason Tab10.1 was banned was not the updates dude! it was the very similar design of this tab to ipad.

    What do you mean by "third party android" ?!

    P1000 belongs to 2010 in which ICS was not yet even out! what you say is like I conplain nokia why my Nokia 6630 is not updated to belle now!

    you asked everybody to trust you! I don't !


what happen to galaxy tab 7.0 plus ics please samsung get here asap!!
thank soyacincau 4 the update keep it all the news regard of galaxy tab


why dont they release the update to Asia first at least once… So tired of waiting everytime… Also, can i revert to original state after flashing Europe ICS ROM.


sad news – "This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.". Have to wait for the kies update


    just updated to 4.0.4


The update is available in Malaysia now.


    Are you sure the update available on Samsung Kies?….as per my check just now…its not….


      Just updated my GTab 7.7 G-P6800 to Android 4.04(ICS) via Kies in Malaysia. Awesome update. Very smooth and fast now. No problems so far. =)




        No update for malaysia until now, how u update from Kies????….!!!!


          Ic, I updated mine last nite.
          First i updated Kies Software on PC.
          Then when i connected my GTab it updated GTab to ICS.
          Bought my GTab from Lowyat Malaysia. Maybe my tablet is AP set =/ im not sure.


          Oh ok ic….cuz today ichecked again no update yet….wish get it soon…


Well, hopefully u'll get it pretty soon. I've read somewhere that everyone will get ICS for the GTAB 7.7 update by August.

kir matt

Well, waiting for update to cme to malaysia is really a pain thing to do.. ive been using cm9 and also austria 4.04 firmware for almost a month.. and yeah, its superbly work sooo well.. my 7 plus works far far more charming than those tab 2.7 clone.. 😉


Still nothing from MAlaysia Kies 🙁

myanmar room

any update for singapore skies? still none so far


Malaysia pls..:-(


Gosh, i haven't receive the update yet. It's really a pain in the ass to wait. My device is galaxy tab 7.7 P6800 btw


guys check the update here. if xme turn to 4.0.4 then I think update will be available at malaysia


manila still not on the ics update list


Update released..i received mine 🙂


Just got ics today


    Saya pun dah update tadi


wow…finally got the update for galaxy tab 7.7… mine updated and running smoothly…


Galaxy Tab 7.7 ICS update Malaysia via ( OTA ) is OUT.
I updated last night & its working fine ….smooth.


at lasssssssssssssstttttttttttttt… finally saya pun sudah update kepada ics. (via ota juga)

T.C. Pang

Yes, Malaysian who own the Galaxy Tab 7.7 ( GT-P6800 ) can now update thier device for the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.03 version. I have just donw mine, using WIFI.



How about galaxy tab 10.1? No news?


updated ics4.0.4


galaxy 7.7… ics updated.. 😀 rasa besar pulak icon2 ni


ada masalah ler dgn ics ni.. tadi dah updated, bila cuba wifi kejap ada kejap x der.. korang ada masalah nie x?


Already update mine P6800 with ICS. Tab gonna more stable in memory usage but some application will be fail to functioning. i.e.camscanner HD


sekarang ini, saya terpaksa hantar ke pusat service. biar jurutera mereka pikir masalah ini.. kalau tahu ada masalah, tak payah hantar updated dari samsung kies. menyusahkan pelangan saja. nasib baik saya warranty belum habis lagi. kepada sesiapa yang nak updated ics 4.0.1, pastikan backup fail anda. sekurang-kurangnya boleh balik sistem asal honeycomb 3.2.1 cara hard reset. saya dah ter updated. so semua dah tiada. reset pun still jadi ics.


Dh update ics tuk tab 7.7 tp layan F.B jd cm tab jd pening lak..kadang2. Proseser jd cm nk hang pn ada..adakah masalah mmg cmni?