Celcom offers new iPad on contract from RM1,329

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Celcom new iPad Plan

Celcom today has finally revealed its new iPad bundling plans which is offered as low as RM1,329. The new iPad WiFi + Cellular version is priced at RM1,899 for the 16GB, RM2,199 for 32GB and RM2,499 for 64GB capacity.

On Celcom, they are offering 2 plans – Celcom Broadband iPad Basic that offers 4.5GB/month at RM70 and Celcom Broadband iPad Advance of 7GB at RM100/month. In terms of speed, the Basic plan download speed is limited up to 3.6Mbps while the higher Advance plan goes up to 7.2Mbps. You’ll get a choice of 12 months or 24 months contract for the iPad bundling. Additional data quota can be topped up at RM10 for 500MB, RM15 for 1GB and RM50 for 5GB.

On the bundled pricing, you’ll get a subsidy savings of RM270 the normal price if you subscribe on 12 months contract of iPad Basic plan. The biggest subsidy obviously comes from the longest of 24 months tenure and highest plan of iPad Advance where you get to enjoy RM570 off. Full subsidised pricing of the new iPad on Celcom as follows:

iPad Basic (4.5GB) – 12 months – 16GB – RM1,629
iPad Basic (4.5GB) – 24 months – 16GB – RM1,429
iPad Basic (4.5GB) – 12 months – 32GB – RM1,929
iPad Basic (4.5GB) – 24 months – 32GB – RM1,729
iPad Basic (4.5GB) – 12 months – 64GB – RM2,229
iPad Basic (4.5GB) – 24 months – 64GB – RM2,029

iPad Advance (7.0GB) – 12 months – 16GB – RM1,529
iPad Advance (7.0GB) – 24 months – 16GB – RM1,329
iPad Advance (7.0GB) – 12 months – 32GB – RM1,829
iPad Advance (7.0GB) – 24 months – 32GB – RM1,629
iPad Advance (7.0GB) – 12 months – 64GB – RM2,129
iPad Advance (7.0GB) – 24 months – 64GB – RM1,929

When signing up, Celcom requires an upfront payment between RM180-RM240 depending on plan and contract duration. The upfront payment will be rebated evenly across 12 months period. If you plan to break away earlier, Celcom imposes a RM500 penalty.

For more information, head over to Celcom’s new iPad page.

Maxis too is offering the new iPad for bundling today and we will update as soon as the details are out.

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2 Comments for Celcom offers new iPad on contract from RM1,329


I believe the Maxis plan will be comparable, therefore not worth it
Total cost of ownership goes up to or well beyond 3K

Urbem Umbra

Read from people's message on facebook who are going to the Celcom iPad launch later this morning to subang parade will get some kind of goody that some say is rm900 or less. I hope it's very true coz i sure will go line-up!