Sony Xperia S Gets Ice Cream Sandwich, Release in Batches

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Sony Xperia S users, your big day has finally arrived! Sony Mobile today announced that it has started releasing the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the device.

In addition to the new operating system, the update brings some new Sony Mobile applications as well (“WALKMAN”, “Album” and “Movies”).

From Sony Mobile’s official blog:

The “WALKMAN” application blends the best of signature Sony audio technology with social features; to discover the music your friends like and share personal favorites. Facebook integration gives you a visual way to interact with content – accessing album art, artist images and information, directly from Gracenote

The “Album” application brings new intuitive ways to sort and browse high quality photos and videos in blazing speed, as well as providing instant viewing, commenting and sharing of photos on Facebook and other online albums, leveraging the great camera capabilities of Xperia S

The “Movies” application streamlines the playback and viewing of movies in high quality audio and video, whilst using intelligent database search to grab movie posters and information for a richer experience

ICS for the Sony Xperia S is available now via OTA or via Sony’s device management software for the PC and Mac. For those of you who want to get the update via OTA, note that the file size is 200MB. While you can still update OTA on 3G, WiFi is you best option.

To help manage your expectations on wait time and availability, Sony has setup this page to help you check when your Xperia S will getting the update.

For a step-by-step run through on how to update you Xperia S, head over to after the jump.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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9 Comments for Sony Xperia S Gets Ice Cream Sandwich, Release in Batches


Bagusla sony dh update xperiaS ke ICS dan xperia 2011 lineup cuma XperiaPlay je yang terasing dh la kamera 5mgpix gelapburuk xde hdmi pastu xboleh nk update ICS plak mula2 release janji xplay bole dapat ics pastu kansel plk
haduh tension..


    Sabarlah beb. Xperia play tak dapat ics sbb byk games tak support ics os lagi . Bukan sebab sony saja2 taknak kasi. Maybe xperia play akan dapat latest gingerbread upgrade yg terbaru.


Should put warning, Sony Haters please don't read.

    The Truth

    should put warning: sony is till releasing phones with outdated specs and screen and long overdue software upgrade. until further notice, they will keep paying blogs to pretend their stuff is interesting.


      LOL you might just be right about that…..

      honest T

      Yup. Until then there are volunteer workers that find Sony uninteresting interested to come to every Sony post and comment how boring the phones are. I'm very sure you're not paid and troling for a very good cause.

Geoi :3

when will this update release to malaysia. dying to update this lah. T.T




Guys.. If you eager for the update, just headover to Xperia blog n try downloadg the ics offcial from swiss generic…ive done this and it really awesome…no problem at all…u need to do simple flashg…its not rootg…