Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 now available from RM1,299

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Malaysia

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet range is now available in Malaysia and they come in 2 forms – Galaxy Tab 2 7.0″ and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″. In terms of specs, both are running dual-core 1.0GHz and both are the first tablets from Samsung that runs on the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

When compared with its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn’t differ that much except that it weighs 23grams more and it is thicker by 1.1mm. The front facing camera has been downgraded from 2MP to 0.3MP. Screen resolution & battery capacity remains unchanged. Meanwhile the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0″ appears to be a notch lower than the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus as the processor on the 7.0″ Plus runs on much higher dual-core 1.2GHz.

The pricing according to the folks at Lowyat.Net is RM1,299 for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0″ and RM1,499 for Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″. To compare the specs of the current Samsung Galaxy Tab range, check out our tablet comparison post.


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23 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 now available from RM1,299


so expansive. 249usd converted to malaysian ringgit should be only around rm750.
another ripoff from samsung. sigh..


    That is 8gb n wifi only…this is 16gb with 3g.


      even with 3g and extra 8gb doesn't mean they can sell double the price.
      a 8gb memory card only costs rm30.


        Memory card diff with flash storage built-in…perfomance of a memory card are never as good as internal storage.price is diff much between it.


          still it can't cost that much. i rather buy a ipad 2 which costs less than that,
          better build quality rather than shitty plastics.
          bigger screen
          bigger battery

          and fyi, a sandisk mobile ultra has a 30mbps transfer rate. which is also about the same with internal memory.


          Mobile ultra oso,it wont beat internal flash storage.u could try it when u load hi-reso pic by put it in internal atorage n storage.even 30mbps,it still load slower than built-in flash storage.u try u will know it will take time to load than instant load by internal storage.u had misled by the gimmick of so call ultra speed by memory card company.


          I mean put it in internal storage n ur ultra sd card….u can know the matter how fast a memory card,it will take time to load than intanstly load by internal flash storage.


          slow in terms of what? is your picture size above 30mb?
          even a class 4 sd card is sufficient for hd video recording.
          say whatever you want.
          but this tablet is OVERPRICED.
          full stop.


          LoL…is u self said how good a memory card….i just state out diff between flash storage with ur memory card.u can google it to know more.


          what machaa is pointing out here is the difference in terms of accessing speed comparing internal and external memory storage.

          It's quite a common fact that, external storage can never beat internal storage in terms of accessing speed when it comes to transition speed, loading bigger files, and transferring files in between. PERIOD.


      extra rm100 i can get this…
      what a joke from samsung.


        and it's quad core, 1GB of RAM


i'll buy a ipad 2 over this.
why should i pay 1.3k for a downgraded 7 inch tablet?

KuLi fans

Wait 1mth more,this will be rrp1099 like galaxy s advance.samseng always memperbodohkan early bird.


not much diff compare to the previous galaxy tab….


doesnt look like its running the latest touchwiz UX for samsung tabs like the s3. just pass this out and wait for the note 10.1


apple fan boy


this tab coming with ICS.much more stable and smoother than previous honeycomb table 🙂


Lol RM1499 for a crap device running on last year hardware and 16GB storage only. Better still you get a Tegra 3 Acer A510. I have one I have no regrets whatsoever.! The A510 costs RM1399 with 32GB + USB/microSd/microHDMI


I just buy it….better than new ipad


I want to buy this tab.

[email protected]

I'm considering the tab 2 now coz instead of a 1 yr warranty, its 3yrs now. Plus the fact that my s3 is my main phone, at least i can get a nice samsung bluetooth device wch can connect both sets. Sorry. Aint an Apple fan. First samsung phone i used was the 1st ever launched more than 15yrs back. Today, i own yhe Y, W n S3. I want the tab 2!!!!


I got an ipad…but its limited since i couldnt make calls, text or whatsapp…now i got my tab2….and i could do all that….plus the quality….tab2 beat ipad isayy