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Motorola’s Newest RAZR Leaked. Possible 13MP Camera and 3,300mAh Battery

You’re looking at what sources are claiming is the next rendition of the re-booted RAZR line of smartphones from Motorola. Say “Hello” to the DROID RAZR HD.

We’re glad to report that the ultra-cool and super-sexy Kevlar backplate is here to stay. In addition, it looks like Motorola has increased the surface area of the Kevlar backplate to cover the whole back portion of the unreleased device that you see here. The backplate re-design has also moved the camera, which is said to have a 13MP sensor, to the top centre of the backplate instead of the off-centre position in the earlier RAZR.

Unfortunately however, one of the world’s thinnest smartphones will get a bump in thicknes. Fortunately however the increase in thickness is very likely due to the inclusion of a massive 3,300mAh battery that’s expected to give the new RAZR amazing battery performance.

Speaking of performance, DROID RAZR HD is said to run on Qualcomm’s 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4. Yes, you’ve read that right, Motorola’s new flagship device is rumoured to run a dual-core chip, although we would like something with a bit more firepower (say, quad-core with 1GB RAM or more) to make it into the end-product. We would be surprised if it was something else.

The display on the new RAZR has been described as “amazing” by those who know about the device and that the phone also has on-screen navigation keys which means it should be running ICS.

The Android-based RAZR put Motorola back on the map when it was unveiled last year. Even now, we still think that the RAZR is one of the most stylish Android smartphones you can get with performance to spare. Its built quality is top-notch too. Pity we can’t say the same about the camera though. Even so, the RAZR gets better and better with each new firmware update.

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Now that there’s a new RAZR looming in the horizon with the promise of a better camera and a stellar battery performance all wrapped in roughly the same sexy shell as before, there’s really not much going against this upcoming Motorola. Question is will it come to Malaysia.