Maxis Offers Samsung Galaxy S III for RM599 to its One Club Members |

Maxis Offers Samsung Galaxy S III for RM599 to its One Club Members

Posted:  June 9, 2012   By:    24 comments   

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Maxis, through its customer reward program – the Maxis One Club – is offering the much talked about Samsung Galaxy S III for an unbelievable RM599. In addition, Maxis is also offering the iPhone 4S (16GB) for the same price to One Club members.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch so you will have to subscribe to a 24 months contract on the Maxis ValuePlus 150 plan with a 1GB data plan to be eligible to purchase the Samsung Galaxy SIII for RM599. If you’re keen on the iPhone 4S, you’ll have to subscribe to the Maxis iValue 2 plan (RM155/month) for 24 months.

In comparison, non-One Club members pay RM1,599 for the Galaxy S III on the same contract and duration, and RM1,250

This is a really great deal any which way you look at it as the devices are generously subsidized. Considering Maxis One Club members are generally high users, the offer is a no-brainer as it brings little or no change to their monthly bill.

For those of you who are not aware, Maxis One Club is an exclusive membership program that offers priority customer service, special rewards and affinity program. Customers who have been with Maxis (postpaid) for more than a year with a minimum monthly commitment of RM150 and above are automatically upgraded to Maxis One Club member status.

The offer is valid from June 9 to 24 and is available at all Maxis Centres and participating Maxis Exclusive Partner stores nationwide. For more information and to check on membership eligibility, call 1 800 82 1123 or visit

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24 Comments for Maxis Offers Samsung Galaxy S III for RM599 to its One Club Members


They have another offer for One Club members is RM999 to purchase GS3 and remain your plan now but need to subscripe 3gb Data Plan for RM68 monthly.


I checked on the maxis website, although i am not a maxis one club member but i'm also eligible for the plan, only difference is that I need to pay advance payment of RM1250.

    Pauline Then

    I also not a member of Maxis one Club Member & I called to maxis center to confirm for the promotion of Galaxy Noted Rm 699.00 with 6gb Data plan Rm 128.00 Inc talk time with 24 mths contract but they rejected my application since that I not a maxis member. What I saw at the web site, not existing member are also qualified to apply but additional to pay advance payment and can be deduct back from the monthly statement .Example if I sign the contract for 2 years, then I will be the permanent user & this will be benefit to Maxis center too. See that no more chance to enjoy this promotion:(


the RM999 to purchase GS3 is for VP 50 & above + 3gb Data Plan .

As for MOC status, you'll need a tenure of Min 12 mths with avrg billing of RM 500 a month.


    tot the 999 promo only for last weekend…


      nope still avail till 22 of June


Nickarbne, slight correction – to get MOC status, your average bill should be RM150 and above. Above RM500, you're considered MOC Elite. Also, need to pay bills on time


    RM 150 above is only select is am not mistaken mate


yup, got it last saturday for RM999

rob tan

Only good for people on heavy heavy usage. My other friend got it for 999 last week. To compare the best plans, can check this:…


they're just offering but no stock in store.i've try to buy sg3 at klang maxis centre and they said you'll need to wait because they don't have any stock available


    U need to buy @ KTS klang store, rm2199,cash n carry…lots of sgs3 available…yeahaaaa!


    Totally agreed with u, I also go many maxis centre, all no stock, they say need wait, then I call 123 for put in waiting list, they say sure will have stock for me, but wait after two week call 123 again they say can't check the record…really disapointed with maxis…


They also have a special edition galaxy note in pink colour…perfect for wife


only for one-club member.. its still burden you because you have to pay higher monthly commitment and longer its better to purchase using normal plan that were shown in this article…

maxis victim

guess wat i've sign up for the rm68 data plan for two years contract n get a free galaxy y ,n now i would like to take tis offer n i went to the maxis centre to puchase for the phone they said tat i have to pay rm1000 for penalti to terminate the rm68 data plan.maxis is a money sucker it just sucks all the money out of u.


If im a not a one club member, can i still get the S3 for 599? Need answer asap!


guys, i just received an offer from celcom… renew my P148 contract for 24 months, get S3 @ RM998 without any advance payment…

Chris cheng

I am already on a maxis value plan and 3GB data plan which ends in 9 months time. To purchase the samsung galaxy for rm599 (which I thought was great deal!) I have to purchase the value plan @ rm150 AND the data plan @ rm48 ON TOP of what I have for the next 9 months! You do the maths..the offer is very misleading! Please call to check first before you purchase anything from maxis!!! I was almost conned into buying..too good to be true!!


I very disapointed with maxis SIII promotion, I have call 123 on 25/6 for book the promotion, they say need to wait for one week for the stock, after now week I call 123 they say still need to wait for one week, now after two week I call they say can't check the record. Really very disapointed with their promotion like cheated by them or the waiting….


Maxis is a big disappointment in terms of service. Years ago i applied for blackberry but never got one. Stock problem. Then came sg 3. Applied 2 weeks ago. At tt point they said stock not sure but promised it will b delivered wuthin 2 weeks. Still no sign. I also tried to consolidate my broadband n phone account under one bill. Guess what, it took abt six months n 4 attempts. Result: zero. Now yr turn to conclude what kind of service they provide


I ordered mine 4 weeks ago under MOC for rm599. 2 weeks ago they told me they will notify me within 24hrs to collect my new s3. Until now still no news but they get a damn good scolding by me recently…really disappointed by maxis nowadays.

choy Yen Nye



Just rcd maxis SMS say that I can collect my S3 already…. After waiting for 6 weeks…


Is the offer iPhone 4s (16gb), $599 for 24 mth still available??