Spotted: Nokia 808 PureView at Local Nokia Store

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It’s no secret that the Nokia 808 PureView is coming to Malaysia, the things that we don’t know is when exactly the 41MP camera phone will be available in stores and how much it’s going to cost.

We still don’t know these details but Nokia Malaysia have started displaying the device in its stores. This is an indication that the device is expected to be in the market really, really soon. How soon? We’re guessing somewhere in the middle of this month earliest and perhaps no later than the end of June. Any way you look at it, the device will be in stores soon.

What about the price? We estimate the device to be priced around RM1,600 maybe less. This is of course just our guess and we can be completely wrong.

How much would you pay for a phone the probably has the best camera ever in a mobile device but is running an operating system that’s not perceived as current by many? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks @Steady2Twit for the tip!

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38 Comments for Spotted: Nokia 808 PureView at Local Nokia Store


have been waiting for so long..hopefully the price is reasonable..


Definite buy hehe


The most bullshit phone. Seriously.. The operating system sucks. Symbian? Or what ever.. Come on u must be joking.. Who is ever going to pay for this shit? And the specs of this device is so low other than the 41MP camera which loses to the iphone 4s , GS3 and one X camera. Not worth the money. Rather go for r,1499 gs2


    Nokia Belle; a very smooth operating system. Only downside is lack of apps.
    Specs; low compared to top-end phones, but Belle needs less than Android, and the camera has a dedicated processor.
    Camera; very best in any smartphone, maybe even any point'n'shoot – iphone 4s, GS3 and One X are not even remotely close.
    It supports micro sd…
    I'm getting one.


      What stops me from buying this phone is not Symbian or the lower CPU power but the inadequate screen resolution. Using the web browser is a major activity on smart phones and after using phones with retina like display its difficult to go back to lower resolution. I am willing to wait for Windows phone 8 just to get this camera system but I hope Nokia don't reduce the size of the camera sensor. In fact I will be perfectly happy with a 12 MP sensor of the same size and without the zoom oversampling thingy.

old nokia fan

no wonder Nokia is in the pits !
cannot even decide nowsadays whether it wants to be a phone maker or a camera maker
nokia has become old & suffering from senility, how sad


    Why exactly do you NOT want a great camera in your phone…?
    Something similar could be said about iOS and Android phones – if you wanna play games, why not just get a PSP or some other handheld console?


      I agree. Reading the comments here, many people just don't understand how the 41 MPixels are used. The PureView camera is the Nokia differentiation in the smart phone world and it may just pull Nokia out of the hole they are currently in. Just couple it with a decent OS(Windows Phone 8),decent screen and specs and they MAY have a winner.
      Many gadget geeks are photography enthusiast too. It may not be a dslr but they would love to have a camera that exceeds most point and shoot in their pocket wherever they go.


    inoovation i guess


i will buy..x sabar nya..

Nokia last time

In today's cut throat & quick to launch landscape ( refer HTC & Samsung ), Nokia is a Big Flop. Where's the Lumia 900 ? and this pureview was announced years ago !

no excuses Nokia, you are just too slow

[email protected]

wow. dslr wanna be rejoice.

time to buy a phone, that has more MP than a DSLR!!!

Nikon fan is now Nokia Fan too!!!!

Call them, NiKia. or NoKon.


this world, nth is perfect… 808 comes with superb camera, but not powerful os or spec.. for me, i carry 2 phones all the time.. one office number and one prepaid number.. so i can use 808 as my office number yet with powerful camera feature and another android phone… so i am fine with it.. i think this is base on different ppl different need.. but saying the truth, i amkinda sad knowing Nokia decide to give up symbian and go towards wp only.. they should have move in various path to cater different ppl … pray they will get success but not eaten up by other slowly..


    Agreed…as for me I just need a functional yet powerful camera phone.for browsing, email n such already had a tablet so its okay…just sad t that it is in symbian


I am actually quite happy that the 808 will have Belle FP1, those who haven't used Belle really have no idea how far Symbian has evolved. They still think that Symbian is stuck in the past. It's like someone who has used Android Froyo once and thinks Ice Cream Sandwich sucks…

Open your eyes people, the only thing stuck in the past is your own mindset.


    the best comment i ever read about nokia pureview 808..different people have their own interest and mindset.. Nokia, please stay with Symbian and evolve..


i really don't understand some of the people here..been bashing on nokia low screen resolution low this and low that.u guys maybe owns iphone or gs2 or 3 or mybe xperia s that has everything u guys wants but yet u guys still spend a lot of money for tablet pc….


I just called the Nokia @ Pavilion KL. I was told that the 808 will be available this week. Price is MYR1,899. 🙂


    Are you sure? If true, this is a great news. Singapore will be launching today but the price is SGD849.


One of the nokia dealer also informed me that the rrp is rm1899.. but the actual date of launching is still not sure..only know is within this month… hopefully is true..


Don want don care stupid phone

Iz'an Rosmani

All of you never use Nokia Belle FP1 phone right?Hands on it first and then start talking lol..


Samsung GS3 just have same resolution as Nokia Pureview because it use Pentile Matrix display,1280×720 pixels is halved to 640×360 same as Pureview..No one complain right?


I think Symbian OS just lack of games,not have some apps that we used everyday.quality over quantity.not everyone gaming on their smartphone everyday..


    I don't really care much about so many apps. And after linkedin fiasco, exposing your password and personal details, I don't think I will buy phone that integrates FB, twitter, Linkedin so much like Windows phone. In fact, I am wary about Google and Android in terms of privacy as well.


      there are some apps which are really useful, eg newspaper, air asia, stock etc etc..
      I understand that these can be done via web browser, but a dedicated apps enhance the user experience, if nokia lack those, they have alot more to do..


        hey..check nokia store,it has many local service..TV3 catch up,8TV,NewstraitTimes,The Star,MAS airline and air asia…not sure about stock…


it will be launching today :))


Symbian OS doesn't need multiple core because it is efficient..multiple cores on a phone just be a power hunger.BTW,who need a quad core phone that not be fully utilized?there aren't any apps or games in mobile world that can utilize all quad cores processor..Dual cores is max on a phone..


Some Nokia stores are already selling the Nokia 808 and the Lumia 900. 808 for RM1899 and Lumia 900 for RM1799.

    Mohamed Hassif Al-Husni

    hope they have available stock for the weekend..


In nokia store they said it will be launching today with limited unit. Only 300 unit nationwide. How sad…


    Perhaps those only for Thursday. A store at the Mines said they will get new stocks on Saturday. But it is very sad. No announcement whatsoever from Nokia. But I do notice that the Pureview 808 is no longer listed as coming soon on the Nokia Malaysia webpage. They are launching this monster camera silently.


Just got my 808 last nite 🙂
The Nokia @ Sunway Pyramid had only 5 units of Pureview, and 8 units of Lumia 900.
They're selling like hot cakes it seems.


    I am just about to go there. What colour do they have? Do you get the tripod as a free gift?

Puteri Lily

I've had mine for almost a week now. On day 3 I wanted to sell mine off..but after day 4..I've decided it's a keeper!best camera phone ever.the sound quality of a video recording is awesome! The pictures are mind blowing!