Samsung Galaxy S III Bundled Plans compared

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Malaysia Price
UPDATE: DiGi has added more plan options and shorter contract tenure for its Galaxy S III bundle. Details here. We’ll be updating this post with the new plans soon.

Having all 3 Malaysian telco offers revealed for the Samsung Galaxy S III, it is time for another round of plan comparison. Outright, the Samsung Galaxy S III with 16GB of storage retails for RM2,199. This time both DiGi & Maxis are offering the Galaxy S III from RM999 with 24 months contract while Celcom offer theirs from RM1,398 with 18 months. As a special promo, Celcom is offering it at a much lower RM888 to those that turn up wearing blue at their roadshow. For Maxis, their RM999 price is limited for the next 4 days at all Maxis centres.

In terms of contract duration, Maxis offers the best flexibility with 12, 18 and 24 months options while Celcom offers 12 and 18 months. DiGi this time however is offering the Galaxy S III with a single option of 24 months. It is also interesting to point out that Maxis now requires upfront payment but customers that have stayed with Maxis for more than a year are omitted from this payment. Read on for the full Galaxy S III plan comparison. DiGi’s special pricing for 24 months Smart Plan 68 and 88 is only valid at their roadshow and online store while stock last. The normal pricing is RM300 more than what they are offering right now.

For Maxis, there’s multiple ways of signing on a contract as the data plan can be bolted on from anywhere between Value First (RM30/month) to Value Plus 500 (RM500/month). For comparison sake, we are using Value First as an example. In the comparison, both Celcom and Maxis subscription fees come inclusive of calls, sms as well as data. However for DiGi, their plans are strictly on data and any calls made are charged on top of what you’re seeing here. The comparison here is based solely on the minimum cost of ownership assuming you don’t incur additional usage charges.

12 months

18 months

24 months

This time we have excluded the extra savings from auto debit or auto billing for a cleaner comparison. On DiGi, they are giving RM5/month rebate while Celcom offers 5% discount on your monthly bill for those that opt for auto-billing.

In terms of upfront advance payment, DiGi & Maxis credits the full amount to your first bill which you can utilise immediately to offset your bills. For Celcom, the upfront payment is rebated evenly across 12 months.

As usual, the cost comparison above serves as a guide in terms of price. The decision on which plan and telco is better depends on your usage pattern as well as the telco’s network quality in your area. If you spot any errors in the table above, do drop us a comment down below.

If you don’t fancy being tied with contracts, the Galaxy S III is expected to be available at selected Samsung dealers beginning 1st sometime in June.

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51 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S III Bundled Plans compared


Digi just offered for 12 months contract as well


Bro, the monthly commitment for Maxis if not mistaken from the website start with Value Plan RM50…


    you can choose value first also


Seems like Maxis 12 months 3GB plan is the winner. Shortest contract 12 months and bundled with 3GB and call/sms.


    second that, clear winner, but only for the first 4 days. so hurry



    what does bundled with 3GB and call/sms means actually?


      Means after you pay, you get free 3GB and free call/sms. With Digi, you only get free 3GB data but call/sms need to pay one.


        Txs, errr…..Racistmalaysia though I dont think you are one 🙂


    12 months contract sounds good.. for maxis, they mentioned any rate plan..
    i've no idea wat it means as the website nevers stated clearly …

    issit i take RM50 plan for 12 months contract ? so wat is the S3 cost ? RM 1799 ?


      Actually the website say very clearly you need to choose call plan + data plan. Call plan start from Value First (RM30). You can of course choose RM50. But the calculation that SoyaCincau use is based on RM30 Value First plan. The price of phone depend on the 1GB or 3GB plan. For 1GB plan with 12 months contract, it is RM1799.


        if i'm not interested with the call plan, js need the data plan with RM 68 (24mths contract) to get samsung s3 with RM 999, can ? really need to choose call plan ? dun wan canot arr ?


      See again the blue box that say CHOOSE ANY RATE PLAN. 🙂


where can buy it without plan…?


    currently no device without plan. without plan will only available middle of june (according to soyacincau), available next week (according to samsung's spokeperson in low yat)


    any maxis dealer got the phone without plan.
    u just chk with them.


    I got my S3.. and want to sell out.. Any interested?


      why u wanto sell out? ur S3 is White or blue?


impressive.. wanna buy from maxis at 999 so soon

Daniel Har

Celcom blue shirt is a scam, you have to spin a wheel first… I got lousy concert tickets


    Go maxis fren…get it rm999…


Frustrating!!! was number 12 in Q at the Celcom roadshow & all I get was RM100 rebate!

Was even ready to say bye2 to my Maxis number for the sake of S3.

Btw, what does Maxis's deal bundled with 3GB & call/sms means? Anyone can elaborate? I remembered Maxis's plan is amongst the expensive in Msia

I note that the shortest contract 12 months and bundled with 3GB and call/sms.


It doesnt comes with calls for Digi?


bro, just back from maxis… appearently only for limited unit where its offer for RM999…. kns… the pavillion outlet told me not sure when got stock again…


    same for The garden. Sold off in 1 hour


latest news, Digi's online booking , GS 3!!! out of stock ???


bought it already 🙂


    What is minimum ownership cost?


wow what a rush today…. i decided to go for maxis rm999 bcos of line coverage at my area. Went to maxis center bukit tinggi at 10am, the counter like blur blur and say dont have phone yet. then rush to sunway pyramid, the guy said sold out.
after talking to another personal there, i found out that they only selling 10+ units perday, maybe cos of the rm999 price tag. He told me the manager is controlling the stock. dam pissed off.
lastly without any high hope i reach maxis center at jln kapar klang at 2pm, thank god they wasnt "controlling stock" and got my precious S3 at rm999


    Rush 2.0
    S3 uses micro SIM card and they never inform me of this…. now I got to go out to change SIM card after fully charged my phone… lol


    may i know .. u get from kapar klang, issit besides ALC ?
    package with RM 999 is 24 months contract … how much per month ? minimum RM 50 or RM 68 ?

    can you please describe ur plan ?

    i'm thinking of taking Digi .. RM 1149 for 24 months contract with minimum RM 68 per month and bundled data is 3G wo…


      yup the shop beside ALC
      my contract plan is rm30 (for voice/sms/mms) + rm68 for 3GB

      what great about maxis is they free 25Gb loker space (similar to icloud/dropbox) but after i dload the app & register only gives me 5GB free, still waiting customer care feedback.

      i was reading S3 full spec on maxis website, it says S3 comes with 50GB dropbox. can anybody confirm this? i only gotten 5GB on dropbox


        2GB* on dropbox. got mixed up with loker


        Js now i called the maxis center (KTS).. they mentioned that the lowest plan is RM 48. if not mistaken, the phone cost RM 1799 for 12 months js for internet.. no data calls.

        So S3Rush ~ ur plan for RM 68 , S3 RM 999 issit for 24 months contract ?
        but based on soyacincau, it stated RM 98 (24 months) the phone cost RM 999 wo…
        issit ur plan RM 98 is included calls and internet ?

        too bad 2mr is public holiday, their shop is closed. i need to go bukit tinggi there to survey edi, aikss…


          i got mine from the maxis center (KTS) at jalan kapar…..but if im not mistaken after 3pm just now they ran out of stock already….thanks S3Rush….me n wife are very happy right now


          glad i helped, ya my plan is rm98 24mths contract for rm30 voice/sms & 3GB data.

          i've got a better news for people searching for S3, i just got another unit for my wife at Klang Parade maxis, same plan & contracts but this 1 i dont need to deposit rm900 lol.

          I paid with credit card so they charged me 2.5% total cost me rm1024 and what's great here is there is no "compulsory accessory purchase" like KTS (ya i'm a victim lol)

          you guys can search for the outlet numbers and call each every outlet to do "booking" lol i learned my rushing lesson.


          S3Rush, i'm abit blurr right now..

          i need ur help..might rushing to KP later ..
          RM 999 for 24 months with package RM 68 monthly…. js for data plan (internet).
          if i dun wan pay RM 30 for the 1st value (voice/sms) can i stil own the phone ??
          issit MUST included call plan and data plan ? if liddat.. added up oso need to pay RM 98 per month.. expensive oh…


          yup, it's a must to take the call/sms plan, at least the cheapest which is rm30 per month. while for data plan it is a compulsory to take the 3GB plan, RM68 per month.
          …..and im also a victim of the "compulsory accessory purchase" lol


          js now i had call maxis @ KP.. out of stock edi.. aiksss…
          since i'm hotlink user.. if i switch to postpaid..i need to pay RM 900 advance then will auto deduct RM 98 each month.. so within the 9 months i didn't need to pay anything lo..

          since maxis must take both plan with total up of RM 98

          how about digi ? did you make any survey ? digi must take both plan oso ? or data plan will do ?


          digi only data plan, voice/sms is pay per use.
          but for the special price of rm999 must order online or at their roadshow. i've walked into digi at pyramid on my 1st day of S3 hunt. the price is higher.


Surprise, surprise! I was the 1st in line at 9.20am at Maxis (The Gardens). Got the RM999 promotion. Only disappointment: only the white cover is available.


can anyone tell is there any blue pebble in malaysia already?? or it is still in the issues for delayg??


blue pebble if i not mistaken still not sure when its going to hit the market, not only msia but rest of the world.
btw guys, for those who took the maxis rm999 offer, do u still have to pay the rm900 upfront payment? how about those who are loyal customer to maxis?


    if you dont have any contract tied to your existing maxis number and have been a customer > 1 year you dont need to pay upfront advance. but like me I changed my family 30 to value first 30, it's consider a new customer even i've been with maxis for > 10yrs (hahaha) well the advance payment suppose to be credited back into my account anyway


I found this website, can actually put how many minutes you use and data you use a month, will tell you which is the best contract plan for you … dam cool lah.. but need excel…

    Seng yong

    wah got so much time to do these things… i got excel but the sheet looks very complicated la… how to do, you fill in and then how they tell you your best plan? where got such thing….


Digi S3 got no more RM999!!!


This is the most STUPID package in the world i ever seen. I went to Sunway Pyramid today, more than 150 customers in the waiting list. you know. ONLY 6 units is available for sale This is a failure, nothing special, very pricy…


Hi all,

could you recommend the best offer, randomly everyone took maxis rm98 plans prced at rm999, for the long term is it worth to subscribe with maxis? I do think to switch on Digi..



not sure if worth 2 take d 2 years package. better opt for the 1year plan @ RM48 data & RM 30 call.


Just wondering could we subscribe different service provider for data plan(digi) and call plan(celcom) ?


    You could but that would mean having two SIM cards. Unless you subscribe to Yes 4G for data. With Yes you don't need a SIM card but you will have to buy a Huddle to use the data with your phone over WiFi. Hope this helps.