Maxis reveals Samsung Galaxy S III plan from RM999

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Maxis Malaysia

Maxis has finally revealed its Samsung Galaxy S III rate plans. As revealed earlier, they are offering the flagship device from only RM999 at their Maxis Centres from 31st May until 3rd June with 24 months of 3GB data plan bolt-on.

On Maxis, they are offering the Galaxy S III with 3 contract duration of 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. As usual, they are bundling it via data plan bundling of 1GB (RM48) or 3GB (RM68) on top of a postpaid plan from Value First (RM30) and above. Bundled pricing as follows:

Postpaid + 1GB (12 months) – RM1,799
Postpaid + 1GB (18 months) – RM1,699
Postpaid + 1GB (24 months) – RM1,599

Postpaid + 3GB (12 months) – RM1,699
Postpaid + 3GB (18 months) – RM1,599
Postpaid + 3GB (24 months) – RM999 (Promo)

There’s no mention how much the Galaxy S III is offered with 24 months X 3GB plan after their 4 days promo but from the looks of it, it could be somewhere between RM1,300-RM1,500. For subscribers that are with Maxis for less than a year are required to pay an advance payment between RM100-RM900 depending on contract options.

For more information, head over to Maxis Android page.

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21 Comments for Maxis reveals Samsung Galaxy S III plan from RM999


I am taking promo with 24 months contract, so rm999 (promo price) + rm68 (upfront payment) since i am more than a year user. Only white color available though.

    Chia Lee

    if i am a prepaid user, will they consider the year of usage?


The price will be RM1,399 for the phone after the 4 days promo as posted in Maxis Centre KLCC.


    No stock… Maxis is lie


exsaga: you get your sgs3 on the spot?


yup. enjoiceing it now 😉
very2 smooth


i heard the RM999 promo finish…is that true?


Is pebble blue available on maxis?


no more in The mines and Garden


there is limited stock for the next few days…today maxis garden finish stock at 11.30am…only white colour available…sadly i want the blue pebble….if no promo…rm 1399 for 24 months contract for 3gb date package..


is the promo still avalible in taman tun ?

Zero cool

Just to share my experience today with some people planning to get the galaxy S3 at rm999. It's a scam! Maxis is trying to screw with people by making them wait for hours in queue just to announce no stock and don't have any idea when the stock will arrive! Gardens maxis the queue was around 50 people at 8 am today and they mentioned only 35 units given out a day. Klcc no stock at all. Pavilion only 5 units and don't know even there will be any today! How awesome is their promo. Maxis, this sucks badly! You advertise 4 days promo and you can't deliver to your promise to your customers! This is real shit service! You will see the outcome of your major screw up soon enough! To the rest,please don't waste your time going for the package unless you want to buy it outright which apparently the have stock for that and can't allocate it for the package!wat a big time scam!!!


Just got mine yesterday after queuing for almost 6 hours at Sunway Pyramid Maxis. Wasn't pleased with the speed of Maxis serving the customers at first as we witnessed there was only one staff assigned to serve us (those who are purchasing the phone) and he took more than one hour to serve one account. So we when and complain to the door staff and thankfully they allocated more staffs to serve us after and guaranteed that no matter how late they will ensure all of us go back with our phones. Like many other launches before, the main purpose to launch with lower price is to create more buzz around the product and not truly trying to push sales with low price. The more people queuing for the phone, means more free advertisement for the brands. And we clearly know that the sellers will definitely control the quantity of these so called discounted price goods. After all the promotion they made in these 4 days, they can sell the phones on normal price but the people will still come rushing in. So why sell so many cheap phones anyway. I won't say this is a scam, but just marketing.

Helen lee

Now still got tis promotion or not?? And where the place still got stock ??

owh… wud be glad to get one but listening to all these stories of long waits and still not getting the phone makes me feel lucky ^^


i got call from maxis for the promo999. And, i have claimed the offer yesterday. Nice using the phone now.
However, i want to warn everyone here… if you got the offer, better check with maxis counter rather than talk to the agent (blue white shirt agent). There is a gal who is totally not professional trying to push another plan to me, and insists the promo is no longer. 🙁 They earn by commission, and they push me to sign other plan. Luckily the maxis counter do a good job!


prepaid to postpaid sgin s3 package need add money


Is Pebble blue S3 available in Sunway Pyramid's maxis centre. i called them and already wait for more than two weeks, but haven't get any reply yet. Please tell me!!!!


promote still have?at alor setar still available??


got promo no promo, it's forever no stock 🙁

Step Up

Exsaga ??? Err , oke you got the S3 on the spot ? Then monthly how much you have to paid ??