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DiGi Includes More Plans for its Galaxy S III Bundle

DiGi has added more plan and contract tenure choices for its Samsung Galaxy S III buddle. The operator is now offering the Galaxy S III with its DG Smart Plan 48 and DG Smart Family packages. In addition, DiGi has also added 12 months contract option for all its Samsung Galaxy S III plans where previously only a 24 months contract tenure was available. This gives more flexibility especially those that don’t want to be tied too long on contract.

In addition, DiGi is continuing its pre-order special promotion price of RM999 for Smart Plan 88 and RM1,149 for Smart Plan 68 (both with 24 months contract) for online orders and purchases at its Galaxy S III roadshow venues. DiGi said that it has allocated only a limited number of units for this promotion extension. Without the promotion, the contract pricing for the Galaxy S III is RM300 more for both plans (Smart Plan 68 Galaxy S III bundling price at RM1,499. Smart Plan 88 Galaxy S III RM1,299 with. Both with 24 months contract)

The full bundled price as follows:

DG Smart Plan 48 (12 months) – RM1,799
DG Smart Plan 48 (24 months) – RM1,649

DG Smart Plan 68 (12 months) – RM1,699
DG Smart Plan 68 (24 months) – RM1,449
DG Smart Plan 68 (24 months) – RM1,149 *Promo

DG Smart Plan 88 (12 months) – RM1,649
DG Smart Plan 88 (24 months) – RM1,299
DG Smart Plan 88 (24 months) – RM999 *Promo

DG Smart Family (12 months) – RM2,099
DG Smart Family (24 months) – RM1,999

More information, head over to DiGi’s Galaxy S III page.

Meanwhile, check out our Samsung Galaxy S III operator plan comparison to see which operator offers the best value for your money. We will be updating the information to reflect DiGi’s latest plan offerings soon.