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Maxis to offer Samsung Galaxy S III for RM999?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Maxis

UPDATE: Maxis reveals Galaxy SIII plan from RM999.

The Samsung Galaxy S III will be officially available in Malaysia tomorrow with the 3 big telcos offering it simultaneously. So far DiGi and Celcom both has revealed their pricing from RM999 and RM1,398 respectively. At the roadshow, Celcom is sweetening the deal by offering it lower at RM888 for those that turn up wearing blue at their venue.

While we haven’t seen anything from Maxis, we’ve just got tipped with the image above that Maxis is offering the Samsung Galaxy S III from as low as RM999 with 24 months contract of 3GB data plan, which is bolted on Maxis postpaid plans from Value First (RM30) and above.

The details are yet to be confirmed and we’re having second thoughts on the 3GB x 24 months bundling. With such a big subsidy (RM1,200) from the full RM2,199 price, we are expecting a much higher plan such as the 6GB data plan x 24 months contract like the time when Maxis bundled the HTC One X for RM1,000. We will find out tomorrow once their full plans are revealed. The special pricing seems to be only valid during their roadshow until this weekend.

In addition, they are giving extra Loker cloud storage at 25GB. In the fine print, it mentions that Maxis customers of less than 1 year are required to pay RM900 upfront which will be credited back immediately.

Thanks to @lonelyfrog for the alert!