Apple Confirms WWDC 2012 Keynote

One of the biggest geek events in the world – WWDC 2012 – is just a couple of weeks away and preluding the event, Apple has today released the full event schedule starting from June 11 to 15. Apple has also released a new event specific app for attendees to easily keep track and stay updated with sessions and other activities at the conference.

The WWDC Keynote will be of most anticipated happening at the event where a global audience is expecting Apple to launch a new product or at the very least service to the world. This year, much of the conversation in the buildup to WWDC is focused on Apple’s latest iteration of its iconic iPhone. The Keynote is scheduled for Monday, June 11 at 10am San Francisco local time. That will be Tuesday, June 12 1am. This year, it’s possible that for the Keynote to include both iOS and OS X announcements.

While the company hasn’t officially released who will be present at the keynote, it’s almost certain that CEO Tim Cook will take the stage once again.

As always, the WWDC Keynote will be extensively covered with live blogs and tweets, we will following the most informative and reliable ones and will be putting up a list soon so that you can do to, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, what are you expecting to be unveiled at this year’s WWDC?