DiGi Galaxy S III Pre-Order Starts Now. From as low as RM999, RRP RM2,199

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Samsung Galaxy S3 DiGi Malaysia

UPDATE: DiGi has added more plan options and shorter contract tenure for its Galaxy S III bundle. Details here.

DiGi has started taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III. The operator puts the recommended retail price of the device at RM2,199, slightly above our RM2,100 price prediction. The Galaxy S III is available from DiGi for as low as RM999 — as the earlier clues suggest — with a 24-months contract.

This time around they are only offering DiGi Smart Plan 68 and 88 with only 24 months contract duration. Bundled pricing as follows:

DG Smart Plan 68 (24 months) – RM1,149
DG Smart Plan 88 (24 months) – RM999

In addition to the pre-order, DiGi has also confirmed its roadshow locations to promote the market launch of the latest and greatest smartphone from Samsung and it looks like gadget fans in Johor Bahru and Penang will be able to get in on the action as well.

Following DiGi’s pre-order, we’re expecting Celcom and Maxis to show their cards in the coming days as well. From what we know, the planned May 31 market availability of the Galaxy S III is still solid, so we don’t expect operators to make the device available earlier than that. But if you do see original Samsung Galaxy S III units on sale before May 31, do let us know.

If you haven’t seen it yet, do check out our unboxing video here and if you have any questions on the Galaxy S III, do visit our Q&A post here.

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In the meantime, head on over to DiGi Store Online for full details on their Galaxy S III offerings.

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16 Comments for DiGi Galaxy S III Pre-Order Starts Now. From as low as RM999, RRP RM2,199


Only white color available. 24 month contract with 68 smartplan or 88. No other choice. I give up on digi this round. Looking forward to maxis and celcom.

Ken Ng

today Sin Chew and The Sun full page advertisement on this. both pebble blue and marble white available.


Why no DG smartplan 48 ?


Celcom add in metro.. rm 888, wear blue on 3 roadshow location..


Celcom will start selling S3 on 31 May 2012 from as low as RM1438. but didn’t share out the plans yet…

Kenny Phan

Is this SIII support LTE network?
Worry to upgrade again once LTE launch.

    Faris Fitri

    Nope,this one doesn't support LTE.

      Kenny Phan

      So sad 🙁
      Thanks for answer


How about maxis plan


I need some advise…i wish to buy S3, i'm consider buy with data plan or with retail price. But my office & home also have wifi, do i still need to sign data plan? is it useful? if i use the data without plan sometimes will it really expensive?


    smartphone without data plan is just a normal phone when you're moving around, unless the place you go have wifi access and you're driving proton preve with YES network.


    We always recommend a data plan with smartphone. If you're always on WiFi, just go with the cheapest data plan. If you're not sure, 500MB/month is a good start. It's always easier to upgrade then to downgrade plans.


Think I'll either go wear blue or just get the normal package from Celcom.

Have been suffering for almost 2 years with Digi's terrible 3G service but was thinking of not going through the hassle of changing the network and sticking with them with this offer since it is quite cheap after all.

Trying to pre-order, it says that I have a contract still running. Made a call to Digi Consultants, they say I need to pay the penalty and admin fee which is around RM266 as I have 4 months left. So I went to a Digi Centre to settle the penalty and admin fee to cancel the contract to get the pre-order.

I reach home, I try again and I get the same error. I called the Digi Consultant and they told me that the Technical Consultant can help me update my account. After the 2nd try, I finally reach them and they told me it takes 48 hours to update the system. So in other words the pre-order is already over.

Thanks to their blunder, which they can only tell me "Sorry", I have now cancelled my contract for no reason and have to wait 2 days for the status to update, which in other words I am not eligible for their pre-order anymore. They can't even help me place an order, only put a report to their "vendor" so they can fix it for me in 2 days.

That was really nice of them. I should be grateful since I no longer need to suffer with their lousy 3G service.
Time to move on to Celcom or maybe Maxis, I wonder what package they have to offer. I no longer have any more worries thanks to Digi's blunder of not informing me that it takes 2 days to cancel a contract. Not even the Digi Centre informed me about it.

Thank you Digi, I can finally move on.


Does anyone has any idea whether roadshow price will be the same as pre-order?
Or historically, has Digi maintained the same price for pre-order and roadshow?