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All Your Questions Answered: Samsung Galaxy S III

Update: All your questions answers after the jump. Hope we’ve covered everything you want to know about the Samsung Galaxy S III. If there’s more, just add them in the comments section.

It’s almost here. The Galaxy S III will go on sale in Malaysia somewhere around 30 May but we’re fortunate enough to get our hands on the much anticipated device well before that.

We’ll be previewing the Samsung Galaxy S III at a media event later today and we want to tell you everything about it. Post your questions in the comments section and we will answer them when we get our hands on the device.

Also, follow us on Twitter @Soya_Cincau for live updates from the event from 7pm tonight.

Questions published in verbatim

Which version with storage capacity (8/16/32/64gb) that will enter Malaysia market?
From: bali

As far as we can gather, only the 16GB marble white version will be available at launch. Samsung has mentioned that the 32GB version will be available soon after the 16GB launch but has not given a date as to when this will be. For the 64GB, we take it that Samsung is unsure if this version will sell well in Malaysia and has not set a date for when they will make it available here.

Will it have an extended battery like galaxy s2 from 1650 to 2000mAh?
From: Xpresside

Very likely, but it still all depends on third party manufacturers at this point.

1) What optional accessories will be available from Samsung at launch?
Case in point: Galaxy Nexus never had its 2000mAh battery made available here.

2) Siri vs S-Voice
– self explanatory

3) Does Face Unlock on S3 incorporate the rumored “blink to prove that you’re human” improvement?
From: joonsunn

  1. Aside from the standard casings, no other accessories will accompany the Galaxy S III at local launch, those will come later. As to which ones will make it here, we have no information on that.
  2. Essentially both are gimmicks as far as our tests have revealed. It’s faster to just tap commands than say them considering the practical limitations of voice recognition technology at the moment – ie. Poor accuracy in noisy environments. Having said that, S Voice is slower and less natural sounding that Siri though S voice has much more language support and does have a brain outside of the US. At the end of the day, Google Voice is way better.
  3. No, blink to unlock but Samsung has added voice recognition to augment Face Unlock and that made the feature worse because of how noisy environments severely degrades the accuracy of voice recognition. Add to that the fact that Face Unlock is practically useless in dark environments and you have a device unlock method that is cumbersome and impractical.
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What is the price of Samsung Galaxy S III…..the availability this smartphone for all malaysia is also on 30th MAY?
From: rouhi

No confirmation on pricing but we’re estimating the 16GB version to be around RM2,100. Device will be available starting 31 May.

what free gift will be included in the package??
From: Ajax

We don’t have any information on this at the moment but expect operators to “sweeten the deal” with goodies or rebates at launch to entice customers.

is the casing of the galaxy s3 made up of plastic or polycarbonate?
From: afiq

Frankly speaking, in the case of the Galaxy S III, it makes no difference. What you need to know is that the plastics are of high quality and build is solid. To us however, the Galaxy S III doesn’t feel as well built as the HTC One X due to the two-piece construction but it is the best built Samsung smartphone at the moment.

How is its sense of touch? sensitive? Galaxy s2 may abit delay when we swipe to left or right.
From: raymond

The new Touchwiz is a wonder to use because it is so deeply integrated with ICS and it’s packed with featuers. In terms of the responsiveness of the device, it is something you shouldn’t worry about. The Galaxy S III is delightfully fast and responsive.

Previous amoled pentile screens such as those on nexus and note suffered from gradient banding and poor reproduction of whites on low brightness levels, can you check if this issue has been resolved in the galaxy s3. further more how well does the s3 screen compare with the one x thanx
From: Trev

There is very slight banding when viewing solid grey test images but it is not as pronounced as the Galaxy Nexus or Note. It is there but in day-to-day use, we didn’t experience any issues. The screen is one of the best we’ve laid eyes on. What is worrying however, is the overly blue tint that the display produces. It’s so obvious that even white backgrounds appear blue on the Galaxy S III.

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Is mechanical manual home button (SG3 home) better than capacitive touch home key (OneX home)? why?
From: S3 kh

We prefer a hardware home button over a capacitive one because it gives us another way to wake the device from sleep – like you would on the iPhone. We like that convenience. But in the case of the Galaxy S III, we don’t like the new home button. It’s too small and oddly-shaped to allow it to be used intuitively. Often times, we found ourselves wishing for a capacitive home button on the Galaxy S III because the physical one is so badly designed.

How much is sell by each telco in Malaysia?
What is the availability? How long need to wait to get one?
From: Wanna buy

Once again, our prediction is RM2,100 thereabouts for the 16GB version. Availability will be May 31 and you should be able to get one on the spot if you don’t wait too long.

Will it have the 32gb version in Malaysia?
From: Jason Khong

Samsung says yes but no date was given except that it will be available soon after the 16GB version.

What is the price and what are d promotions or benefits for buying it during the launching event?
What is the in-built storage capacity that will be available during the event?
What are the accessories bundled in?
Warranty period?
Will the flip cover be available during the launch? And how much?
From: mei

Price is expected to be RM2,100 thereabouts. Expect deals and promos from operators as they will launch simultaneously and compete for your attention but we don’t have detailed information at the moment. No info on bundle accessories from operators as well. If you get from Samsung direct, it will be the just the phone and its standard box contents. Warranty should be the standard 12 months.

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So far, as we can see, only the 16GB marble white version will be available at launch. Not able to get info about the flip cover.

Does the whole body of S3 has the kind of cheap and ‘hollow’ plasticky feeling like S2 or it has a slight premium touch like Galaxy Nexus or HTC One X?
From: afiq

It feels premium but not as good as the HTC One X, we think. The Galaxy S III is the best built Samsung smartphone at the moment, much better than the Galaxy Nexus and Note.

How long the battery can last compare to HTC One X?
From: SoyaBean

Still testing that. Will update once done.

What colour will be available in here?
From: Vivid

It looks like only white marble will be available at launch. Malaysia is likely to be affected by the global shortage of marble blue Galaxy S III.

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