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Samsung Galaxy S III to be available next week

Samsung Galaxy S3

UPDATE: Another Samsung Galaxy S III roadshow is confirmed at Lowyat Plaza from 28th May-3rd June. We believe the actual launch happens after 29th May but organisers have booked their venues earlier. Thanks @ZenZZZZ for the heads up!

The Samsung Galaxy S III will be available to Malaysians by the end of next week. This is based on Celcom’s reservation of Midvalley’s South Court for 5 days between 30th May-3rd June. Normally companies will reserve at least 3 days for a weekend roadshow sales so we are looking somewhere between 30th May – 1st June window as the likely 1st day launch for the Galaxy S III.

As mentioned earlier, Samsung has a tendency to launch their devices on a Friday but it is likely that Malaysian launch of the Galaxy S III could happen sooner, just right after Europe get theirs on the 29th. The MidValley roadshow details can be viewed here, don’t forget to hit the “following week” button to view the Celcom Galaxy S III event.

This week, the Galaxy S III will be shown to the media in an exclusive media event where we are hoping to get a hands-on first experience with Samsung’s current flagship device.

Special thanks to sharp eye @JRjinren for the heads up!

Head after the break for the location map and screenshot from MidValley’s website.

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