Entry level HTC Desire C revealed ahead of launch

Posted:  May 13, 2012   By:    8 comments   

A month ago, HTC is said to be working on a Wildfire S successor which looks like a miniature version of the HTC One X.

Now Vodafone Portugal has jumped the gun by publishing the full details in their catalog. The new device is called the HTC Desire C with rather entry low specs that consists of a 3.5″ HVGA display pushing 480×320 pixels resolution, 600MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 5MP camera and 4GB of on board storage.

Despite its no frills underpinnings, the Desire C runs on the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is interesting to note that the hardware specification is rather similar with the current HTC Wildfire S.

No details of pricing yet but it is rumoured to be less than 200 Euros which is below RM800.


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8 Comments for Entry level HTC Desire C revealed ahead of launch


Seriously, 600mhz? Is it MIPS chipset? I find it hard to believe. Hard to believe that samsung decided not to upgrade the galaxy s (1ghz) to android 4.0 but HTC able to come out a device running 4.0 with 600mhz.

And that makes me sad.


HTC is back to take back the market that lost to Samsung for the past 1 year

turnaround guru

Pricing it at RM599 might sell some. Otherwise major problem with streetsmart Samsungs at every corner, Lumia below the drains & Huawei at every turn


    should be around rm700-800. dont forget that htc is a premium brand.
    samsung's quality is really terrible.


      Xperia U is selling for RM899 if they sell anywhere near there is a big nono… if they sell it around 500-699 still acceptable…


i think it can run on this processor becos of the smoothness of sense ui. even the htc explorer's ui is way faster and smoother than my galaxy w


It is actually funny if this cheap phone is launched earlier than Samsung Galaxy S2 receiving ics

Ganaesh D.

A 3.5-inch screen, and yet it still runs Sense 4.0 which takes up so much screen real estate. HTC could've used the Desire C as an experiment by offering stock Android 4.0 and gauging public interest for a skin-free UI from an OEM, but… oh well.

On another note, if a smartphone running on a 600MHz processor can run Sense 4.0, what is HTC's excuse for only upgrading a small number of their previous-gen smartphone to ICS/Sense 4.0?