Sony Xperia P, Xperia U and Xperia sola Official Pricing and In-Store Dates for Malaysia

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Sony Mobile Communications Malaysia today announced the official pricing and in-store dates for the Xperia P, Xperia U and Xperia sola.

Xperia P
With an all-aluminium unibody design, the Xperia P features a 4-inch Reality Display (960×540 pixels, 275ppi) with Sony’s WhiteMagic technology. WhiteMagic adds a white sub-pixel to the traditional RGB (red, green and blue) pixels found in a typical LCD panel. The white pixel allows backlight to pass through to produce the colour white where traditionally, the backlight would have had to pass through all three sub-pixels in the right proportion to produce the same effect. This results in a display that is twice as bright outdoors and up to twice as power efficient indoors than conventional LCD displays. The WhiteMagic display is measured to produce a brightness of 935nits.

Other specs include a 1GHz NovaThor STE U8500 dual-core processor with 1GB RAM and 16GB of on board storage. There’s also an 8MP Exmor R camera with fast capture, 1080p HD recording and Sony’s 2D and 3D panoramic sweep feature. Battery capacity is 1305mAh. NFC is also included.

Available in silver, black and red, the Xperia P will be available in stores starting 23 May and will retail for RM1,499. For a limited time the Xperia P will come bundled with a Smart Headset, car charger with Micro USB cable and 2 SmartTags (black and red), all worth RM379.

Xperia U
The Xperia U with its unique exchangeable end caps and dynamic mood lighting will hit stores 15 May. Featuring Sony’s unique xLOUD and 3D surround sound audio technology, the 3.5-inch (854×480 pixels 280ppi) packs a 1GHz NovaThor STE U8500 dual-core processor with 512MB RAM and 4GB of on board storage. The Xperia U also packs a 5MP Exmor R camera with fast capture and 720p HD video recording. Battery capacity is a modest 1320mAh. The Xperia U does not have NFC.

Available in black with pink exchangeable cap; black with white exchangeable cap; and white with yellow exchangeable cap, the Xperia U retails for a very attractive RM899, the price includes a car charger with Micro USB cable worth RM59 as well while stocks last.

Xperia sola
Finally, we have the Xperia sola which features Sony’s unique floating touch interface that allows you to navigate the web by hovering your finger above the screen so it acts like a moving curser without having to touch the screen. Sony says the technology will open doors for developers to create new ways for users to interface with apps in the future.

Specs-wise the Xperia sola brings a 3.7-inch Reality Display (854×480 pixels, 265ppi), NFC, 1GHz NovaThor STE U8500 dual-core processor with 512MB RAM and 8GB of on board storage, micro SD expansion

Available in a choice of black, red and white the Xperia sola retails for RM999 and comes bundled with a car charger with Micro USB cable and 2 SmartTags (Blue and White). The device will hit stores on 15 May, the same day as the Xperia U.

Sony says that Xperia P, U and sola will run on Android Gingerbread but will soon be upgraded Ice Cream Sandwich before the first half of 2012.

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24 Comments for Sony Xperia P, Xperia U and Xperia sola Official Pricing and In-Store Dates for Malaysia

Ling Pin

Xperia P is more expensive than I thought!

Sony the Fallen

Come on Sony,u been very mid2012 only u came out 2011 htc/samsung phone range spec fossil?look at htc/samsung even china meizu,all started quod era already…prepare to post another year end loses than profit.

Iam Ariff

this is true or not…

    Capt Obvious

    It is fake. The price is mark up by 100%


battery mAh too low. htc is better.


xperia u looks like its going to fail. 4gb on board storage with no micro sd slot??? i understand it has usb otg but 4gb on a good speced phone is ridiculous.


do we know the in store date for sola yet? the author hasnt metioned any

Iam Ariff

this true or not…where u got the info??…if this true…confirm I buy the xperia P 🙂 ….


    Read the first line.

Ben DL

Is it real???
I want Xperia Sola…

Henry Kwan

is this REAL?????


    or is it just fantasy?


RM100 for floating touch, bigger screen, bigger internal storage and microSD slot!!! It's no brainer to get sola over U anytime.

Iam Ariff


Muhammad Rivana

what makes xperia p so expensive?

bundle? maybe if bundle not include or at least smartheadset and carcharger not include, makes xperia P little bit cheaper?


Remember guys, the Xperia Ray launched at about RM1500 last year, just as I was looking for a new phone. It now goes for about RM800. Seems like Sony mobile faced the greatest depreciation compared to the others so wait for half a year if you don't mind, LOL.
I thought P is simply the best looking phone in recent times.


already 15 May but why Sony Xperia Sola And U haven't sell in Malaysia yet?


I've bought 2 units of xperia P on Saturday for RM1.4k each ! and it's awesome … aluminium unibody rawks !