Samsung Galaxy Note ICS Update: Here’s How You Can Get it Now

Posted:  May 10, 2012   By:    18 comments   

Galaxy Note owners, the time to do that happy dance is now. While Samsung is releasing the official ICS update for the Galaxy Note in phases according to regions, Faryaab – a recognized XDA develop – has repackaged the update and set it free on the wonderful world wide web for you to enjoy.

Here’s how you get Ice Cream Sandwich with Premium Suite right now. Note: root required.

  • Extract the firmware
  • Open the included Odin
  • Put your device in Recovery MODE (Home + Volume up + Power)
  • Wipe Data/Factory reset
  • Wipe Cache
  • Take Out Your battery & put it back in
  • Put your device into Download MODE (Home + Volume Down + Power)
  • Click PDA and select *.tar.md5
  • Then finally click START!

Update download link and full details here.


Also, thanks @baliriot for sending this in

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18 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Note ICS Update: Here’s How You Can Get it Now


A full wipe on my Note is not a good idea. I have spend a lot of time to develop it to my favored level.
Likely I will wait for Malaysia offcial version and update it from KIES.


To root the precious Note & lose your warranty is simply not worth the effort, unless the present Gingerbread 2.3.6 is giving you problems.

Better to wait for official Kies update, June 2012 ?


I agree! decided to wait instead. It's not like I'll die if I don't get ICS now:)

[email protected]

yes, i agree with everyone here, hopefully next week will come to us.

i think they release it region by region, because they worry the server cannot coup with the download?

finally my ranting is gonna come to a stop.


thanks for the advice guys… appreciated!!!


i am more concern about the battery life after upgrading to ICS

will ICS drain battery life more than Gingerbread?

Ng Kuan Ho

AGREE…..officially from KIES ICS is the most better solution……


if still waiting to release,I will crazy to wait official ics for note..


What is the average battery life for the SG Note users? Can someone tell? Thanks.


I just got my Samsung Note last month and I am a new user to Samsung mobile, any Samsung mobiles.

Can anyone tell me what is KIES AIR all about? I did read the explaination in HELP but still like alien to me.

If I do not have wifi at home means I can not use kies air? Currently I am connecting the kies air via portable wifi, apparently it is an Android Hotspot.

Okay, I am looking forward to upgrade my current ICS to Ice Cream Sandwich4.0, I found out from the comments here that I can use kies to upgrade, may I know how to do it?

Lastly, should I keep Kies on?

Thank You for your help!!!!!!!


    A-L … i read u many time… but i dont understand what u question about????


      Sorry. I have no any ideas what is kies and its functions. Not a bit.
      What is the use of kies air?
      How do i upgrade the the ice when it is officially available from kies ics?
      Thank you for taking your time to figure out my questions and answer them.


        A-L. I try to answer u.. 'Kies" and "Kies air' is the same thing, a desktop software for our samsung phone. the kies function is for sync our phone to our desktop. the different in between kies and kies air is, with usb cable and with wifi.
        Now ICS is available in malaysia, u just connect ur phone into desktop using usb cable and open kies application. then u just follow the instruction there


          Hi hisel- thank you for your simple & clear answers well…. Not like my qs. Hehe… Okay now I understood!
          Kies isn't an alien to me anymore! Thanks!
          Why i didn't get any notifications from Samsung abt d upgrade at all?


Manage to update my note to ICS via kies yesterday(22nd May)


I just updated my Note around 5 days ago and battery life is awful.. A full charge can only last me up to 8-9 hours max and the battery heats up pretty fast. Read from a forum that the SG Note's battery needs time to calibrate with the new OS 4.0 but it's been 5 days. Seems like a lot of people have this problem. Does anyone have any idea about what's happening?


    hell yea… ICS burns battery faster than you can smoke a cigarette


      Yea, same to me. any one have any ideal or solution?