Nokia Lumia 610 now available at RM699

Posted:  May 6, 2012   By:    17 comments   

The Nokia Lumia 610 is now available in Malaysia for RM699. It is already on sale at several Nokia Stores and comes in 4 striking colours – white, cyan, magenta & black. This makes it affordable for anyone to experience Windows Phone, especially youths or mobile users that are upgrading from good old feature phones.

In our rather brief hands on, the Lumia 610 offers a rather smooth experience similar to its expensive siblings. In fact, we felt that the overall build of the Lumia 610 is much more premium than the Lumia 710 and it comes with a nice metallic frame around the screen.

To recap on the specs, it runs on a lower 800MHz processor, 256MB of RAM with 8GB of internal storage. At the front, it has a 3.7″ WVGA display and powering the device is a 1,300mAh battery. Over at the back, it has a 5MP shooter with assisted LED flash. It is also worth pointing out that the Lumia 610 also comes with a dedicated camera button.

Watch the introductory video of the Lumia 610 after the break.

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17 Comments for Nokia Lumia 610 now available at RM699


Hi there!

I'm actually very interested in windows phone and especially the coming Lumia 900!! Was wondering though how is the market place for windows in Malaysia? From what I know previously, it is not up for Msians to purchase apps yet because they are tying up with our mobile providers, charging them to our mobile bills. Is it available now? Also would really appreciate if you can do a review on windows apps available in Msia!! Absolutely love your posts!!

    john doe

    Hi, you can already download apps from Marketplace Malaysia with a credit card, independent of the mobile providers.


Can someone tell me if this is better than Galaxy W? Which phone is better?


    Please don't compare it with SGW which is light years ahead.

    I owned a SGW after trying out Lumia 710, i never look back & glad i have made the right choice.

    I do hope Nokia get rid of Stephen Elop before it become a sunken ship.


      Agreed, Nokia is habis. windows phone like the 610 is like it came out in 2010.
      How to compare with Galaxy W, so 2012


Too bad it does not have secondary camera for video calling….. Arghhh…..


If you are considering to buy a Windows Phone, Nokia is a right choice because it is provided with Nokia maps rather than others windows phone that doesn't provide GPS application except Google maps that required data plan in order to use it.


is NFC on board for the Malaysian Lumia 610?


    Nope. We're getting the non NFC version.


Switched from iOS/Android to WP7. Nothing comes close. And for a RM699 budget phone – along with the WP7 experience with it – is a killer deal.


With current Nokia Lumia 710 promotion at RM799, this is a hard sell.


    what promotion? nokia or telco?


Try to get one Nokia Wp, but after the sales peoson told me that for the time being we cannot transfer all sms, songs and photos from my Android phone to it, and also we cannot transfer any stuffs thru bluetooth too,
I quit…


so if give you choose like nokia lumia 710 and lumia 610. which one will you take?
i like about lumia 610 design it was stunning but slow with 256RAM and 800mhz processor.
instead, lumia 710 design not that nice looking but fast with 512RAM and 1400mhz processor.
damn this is hard…. or will nokia put all 512RAm and 1400mhz into lumia 610 than call it lumia 620? LOL


Copy paste review… where's the rest of the article?

Iphone 5s

Agreed, Nokia is habis. windows phone like the 610 is like it came out in 2010.