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Yes is Planning to Launch a New Smaller, Thinner Huddle 4G Mobile WiFi Router

Update: Picture of the actual device right after the jump. @jnoathan who contributed the picture also mentioned that the device will be called the Huddle XS. Also, @dieselelectric highlighted something we forgot to mention earlier — unlike the original Huddle, the Huddle XS features non-removable battery. Thanks guys! More details of the Huddle XS here.

In addition to the launch of its very own 4G Android smartphone, Yes is also working on a new version of its Huddle 4G mobile WiFi router and while we’ve heard about this a number of times since last year, there has not been any solid information about the device. That is, until now.

In the treasure trove of geekdom that is the LowYat.Net forums, we found very detailed albeit not officially confirmed information about the new Yes Huddle.

Like the old Huddle, the new Huddle is an off-the-shelve solution by Korean manufacturer Infomark and it’s the device you see pictured above. Overall, the new Huddle will be thinner and have a smaller footprint than the original but the device is said to have a longer battery lifespan – 7.8 hours claimed compared to the 5 hours in the original Huddle. The new Huddle is also thinner at 12.5mm compared to 18mm in the original. As far as we know, there won’t be any colour options, the new Huddle will only be offered in white.

The new Huddle also features an improved operation status indicator with three separate LEDs in charge of displaying power, WiMAX and WiFi status indicators making the power and wireless status levels easier to read at a glance. Although we would prefer a proper screen that can display information in more detail.

In terms of pricing, a source in the LowYat.Net forums said that it will retail for RM480 and is likely to be offered for free with a 24 months contract. Launch detail has not been revealed yet but it looks like it will happen soon if not at the same time as the Eclipse launch.

The Huddle is one of our favourite mobile router because of its long lasting battery and the consistent high-speed performance offered by the Yes 4G network. The new Huddle improves on all the critical aspects of the old Huddle and is set to be another popular device from Yes. However we would like to see Yes offer a special upgrade scheme for existing or long-standing customer to incentivise them to purchase the new device. Hopefully they’ve thought about that already.

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