ICS update for Samsung Galaxy S II i9100G Now Rolling Out

Posted:  April 30, 2012   By:    52 comments   

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100G owners can now do the happy dance as Samsung has started rolling out Android 4.0 update for the TI OMAP-based device.

The update is currently being released across several countries but it is not considered as a global release just yet so users in Malaysia may or may not have received the update. If you’re an i900G owner, check Kies of any update notifications. If there is any please do let us know so that we can update this post. Thanks in advanced.

In the meantime, check out the new features you will enjoy with ICS on the Galaxy S II. Here’s a comparison between a Galaxy S II running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a Galaxy S II running ICS.

Thanks @baliriot for the headsup!


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52 Comments for ICS update for Samsung Galaxy S II i9100G Now Rolling Out


Next one will be for G. Note. Yippiiiiee.


    yippiiieeeee! only have to wait half a year.
    Bravo Samsung.

    ex Android user


      Hi lousy troll.
      Why don't you take your dirty mouth and your little courage, and try programming an OS for different hardware ? Maybe you will be able to understand what's it all about, ok ?

      No go back to playing COD.

Idderes Mh

when galaxy tab 8.9 will get ics?


It has late for ~4 months? Hmm… Hope Galaxy Note can be out soon…


dah ade dkat SII ke? ade org dh test? kalo ade nk update ni..


What about the original i9100??? =/


Just checked,, no update for G yet


i had my update last week on my GT-I9100. not very smooth though. it rebooted for almost one day. now my galaxy 2 half crippled.


    you update OTA or using Kies?


      update thru phone


Yawn. My sensation xe got ics like 1 month ago.
What took so long for Samsung to release their update when it looks exactly the same?


seriously disappointed with samsung. ics updates are way slow, i'm ok with gingerbread but been the market leader for androids it's a shame samsung can't move their ass faster. htc and sony doing a better job at the moment. oh yeah my asus transformer tf101 already have ics months ago with multiple ics updates after that.


Hi, i from Malaysia..
So far i haven't received any ICS update for I9100G..
So it's possible for Malaysia to receice ICS update ?


Nothing in Sweden so far… -1 Samsung!


No ICS update in India… 🙂 … Samsung Sucks…!


no update for G model in malaysia….


so long but still waiting for update, why don't they just tell us whether it will be an update or they just pulling our leg?


When is the official ICS update gona come to Vietnam ??


apelah samsung malaysia ni.. jual model spec beza tpi harge yg same.. kalu model i9100g murah ckit xpe gak, spec rendah drp i9100(kalu korang nk tau cek prbandingan antara i9100 vs i9100g).. byk kelemahan i9100g procecor pun bole gi 1008mhz je.. xmcm i9100 bole smpai 1.2ghz… update ics pun xtau ade atau x.. byk customer xpuas hati bila dh tau mcmni.. ape ni samsung? jgn buat mcmni lah..


what about Galaxy Note?


No ICS yet for I9100G – Malaysia as at 13 May 2012

Joseph Realms

I9100 already out and check through Samsung Kies in your pc. Update the Kies and you will able to update phone firmware.

Benjamin Tee

How can I check from kies?


Not yet available for Malaysians, both I9100 & G version. So slow..


Samsung sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting since last 3-months to update my Galaxy SII 9100G. But it seems that Samsung is doing unfair with the customers who got this model.
Please release latest ICS android OS update for Samsung Galaxy SII GT I9100G…

Lan Bye the drummer

Samsung is now Slow'emsung


I had a chat with one of the Samsung executive and asked as when are they planning to roll out ICS for I9100G users. As usual their reply was that there is no definite date yet. 🙁

Samsung…change your name to Samsuck…!

Chin Wei Ping

oh…holy shit…then non official ICS will damage the phone or not? I have bored with the Samsung to their low quality service attitude…


u can try non official ics , it is good…… for i9100


I have check with Samsung Kies, update not out yet….:(


http://www.gsmarena.com/ics_updates_finally_avail… my gf's i9100G already notify her to update.


one minute ago ive just received official ICS upgrade for my GT-I9100G in malaysia.. yeahhh

Hock Hin Lee

Yeah, my S2 also received the notify. But download a bit slow. Will try again later tonight

    Hock Hin Lee

    Tried countless time to upgrade via Kies. Keep on getting timeout errors and lost connection errors. Kies upgrade software also a bit buggy on Windows7


      Make sure your network connection is fast and stable, pause protection of antivirus while downloading and installing ICS via Kies.. and it is advisable to not have any autolock screen during the installation.


My S2 I9100-G received notification just now, downloaded about 11.23MB, after installation, still showing it is 2.3.6 I9100GDZKL3.

Can anyone tell me what's going wrong?

    Hock Hin Lee

    From what I can recall, the download should be about 100+MB. Also, when I last upgraded the SII for something else, the system rebooted several times before it went back to normal


      Thanks. Will try to get hold of a Windows PC to run Kies and see what happened. Too bad I am running Linux and no Windows/Mac around to play with.


    Maybe your d/l wasn't complete because my update notification shows ICS file size to be 198.12 MB. Doubt it is that small at 11.23 MB for an almost totally new firmware.


Got the message of new update yesterday, downloaded from phone but after installation still shows Gingerbread.. And i decided to connect my phone to Kies via USB cable, and yes i got another message of upgrade, it is ICS now on my S2


RAM showing at 687mb, no screen capture, brightness control from notification bar not working, fonts are different in between phone and browser and facebook, so far that what i encounter.

Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100g

    Hock Hin Lee

    From what I read, screen capture now uses different buttons. Google for correct buttons to use


      Yea, i knew bout that, but it's not working.


    I have got the exact same issue on my SG2, RAM is at 687, no screen capture (tested the new shortcut but still dont work), brightness shortcut which was so useful and gone..disappointed…


    Finally, after doing Factory Reset one function returned.

    Screen Capture was still the same for S2 i9100G 4.03 DXLP6.. Press and Hold Home+Power button.

    The brightness control shortcut (top scrolling to left and right) does not work…


That's of course running on ICS, and i'm from malaysia.


    overall, do you recommend upgrading?


Updating from Kies now! Yeayy


Just updated today, quick and painless. Took about 20 min including download and update device. Phone seems not so sluggish, does not freeze so easily. Ram appears reduced to 700+mb?


Updated to ICS, downloaded to phone, no need Kies.


updated to ics 4.0.3
ram reduced apparently to lock in 200+mb for increased performance.
phone visually nicer, 3g/HSDPA connection connects faster and better overall data usage.
battery life roughly the same as gingerbread.
allows usage of chrome for android.


Hi, i am from M'sia, i received new software notification when i connect SII (no root) thru Kies but wheni clicj update nothing happen (no pop-up update windows appear), what happen?