Footages from Smoked by Windows Phone Malaysia

Posted:  April 22, 2012   By:    18 comments   

Last week, the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign has hit Malaysia during PC Fair. So how did it fare? Watch the video above where a HTC One X and Galaxy Nexus was smoked. Whether this is a fair comparison is debatable as the challenges are performed by a person that’s well versed with specific scenarios.

With a total of 98 challenges, the Windows Phone had 92 wins and 6 losses. Head after the break for another footage shot at Metropolitan College.

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18 Comments for Footages from Smoked by Windows Phone Malaysia

'Ifwan Muhammad

wow, may i know what type of phone that smoked windows phone especially a brother with a green T in Windows Phone challenge part 3. his phone is so old and naive…heehee


    'Naive'? What is that supposed to mean?


    That's a Nokia 3250 Music Express


Cool for MicrosoftMalaysia to include a video of the Lumia getting smoked in that camera test. Now, I wonder if we can get a 'sideload third party apps' challenge.

I kid I kid.


Jeez the poor bloke with the HTC one x doesn't know how to use his phone…


    He already took the picture but he not realise its taken in the thumbnail. Embarrassment to Android


    obviously that kid don't know how to use HOX. if I were there, I will definitely get Windows Phone. smoked.

    Tommy C

    maybe he just want the RM100 voucher hahahhaa


I guess that is the reason why facebook app for android updated recently. with the latest facebook camera app I think it can smoke windows phone on certain facebook task esp camera.

Idderes Mh

For me HTC One X still awesome


The guy in one X or any of the latest phone should have taken photo with his front camera.. and asked the microsoft guy withy nokia lumia guy to do the same…. not turn your phone to take a photo of yourself…. all that smokes in the entire Microsoft campaign is the Nokia burning with a $1.2 Billion Loss


    the lumia 800 doesnt have a front facing camera

Noobie Nerd

I find this Smoked By Windows Phone marketing strategy abit too pathetic. Everybody knows the best way to market your phone is by suing other companies for copyright infringement.


The reason why all the phone was smoke by windows phone is because it,s use the gesture to access the each app or menu. So as long as you remember the each unique gesture then it,s will be fastter to access or perfom each task much faster whe compare with othere phone where by you need to find the menu or app.


    totally agree with u Raymond….

    another thing is… y would I want to MMS a pic…. everyone uses Whatsapp to send pics nowadays thats y everyone is not familiar wit MMS gestures….

    and there is no photo quality measured…. thats y a non-focus camera can easily be faster becuase it doesn't need to focus but have crappy photos…..


Lets try transferring songs from laptop to smartphone shall we? that Zune crap will cock-up this contest for sure. Again WP, rigged test means jack.


Would the host smoked by what phone he actually using?

hokey pokey

lame microsoft stratergy. they cant find anyway other to market their phone. People actually dont quite care if the phone is fast .It's functionality and sexyness that counts


    Yeah,This usually not a fair fight. In here , Windows phone still not learn. It does not matter how fast you can do the thing , is about get the thing done. If I were there,I will as tochallenge with my telco USSD command and bluetooth file transfer.