Nokia Outs Promo Video Shot Entirely Using the Epic Nokia 808 PureView

Posted by:     Tags:  , , , , ,     Posted date:  April 20, 2012  |  5 Comments

What’s the best way to show off the capabilities of a smartphone that comes with a camera unlike anything we’ve seen before? Make a promo video shot entirely out of said phone of course.

That’s exactly what Nokia did with its 41MP-equipped 808 Pureview. The almost 2-minute long reel begins with a caption that says “This film was made using the Nokia 808 PureView” to tell viewers that Nokia means business when it comes to its PureView range phones.

The video highlights all the strengths of the 808 PureView’s epic 41MP camera including the amazing clarity and detail that the device is able to capture as well as the camera’s rapid photo-taking capabilities. While the 808 PureView’s video recording capabilities are nothing to shout about – only 720p seen in this video and grainy, by the looks of it – you can’t ignore the immense details seen in the 808 PureView’s stills. “Mind-blowing” is a word that readily comes to…erm…mind.

The Nokia 808 PureView is expected to hit the UK sometime next month but there’s no word on when the device will hit Malaysian stores. We have a hunch that it will be in June but we don’t have any intel to back this up.

In any case, we’re pretty sure many would be more interested in a PureView device that runs Windows Phone rather than Symbian. Don’t you think?