Get smoked by Windows Phone in Malaysia

Posted:  April 12, 2012   By:    22 comments   

You probably have heard about the “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge that has been going on in the US. Now the challenge is happening right here in Malaysia this weekend (14th & 15th April) at PC Fair.

Microsoft is betting a RM100 voucher that their Windows Phone 7 is faster than yours. After all, Nokia claims that the “Smart Phone beta test” is finally over. So calling all iOS, Symbian, Bada, BlackBerry, Android & Meego users. If you’re up for the challenge, head over to PC Fair which is happening at KL Convention Centre.

For more information on the challenge, head over to Windows Phone Malaysia Facebook page.

Watch the teaser video after the break.

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22 Comments for Get smoked by Windows Phone in Malaysia

Double Dare

Cheap publicity. Of course Windows will win if they give challenges that Windows is good at. I'm sure there are so many things that Windows Phone cannot do which guarantee will get smoked. How many % of daily task is faster on Windows?

    Ff ten

    Absolutely agree. They did this 'sharing campaign' in Singapore too. Suck it.


    of course la…nobody will bet at something they not good…right?

    W7 Sucks

    Yeah~ Hey Windows phone how about u accept my chalenge ? Send me a File any file or app through yr bluetooth to my phone and if u can do dat i'll give u a thousand ringgit… CASH $


      Challenge this:
      1. Copy file out to computer with USB without installing any Zunes or Driver!
      2. Take photo with self timer
      3. Check Prepaid/Postpaid account balance with *128# or *118# menu
      4. Screencap without additional app
      5. Share files with Bluetooth


they are betting $100 voucher for WP7 phones…what's the point in owning to only get voucher for a phone that you just fail. The US promo was better since you can get a win7 laptop..

Kamala Dewi

Windows phone 7 will never on par with iOS N Andoid..not in million years..


Microsoft in the US offers what… a free laptop and a free WP7 phone? What's with this voucher?


If they so confident, why just RM100 voucher, not cash some more. I think Microsoft faith in WP7 is so weak that's why.

In the US, the Nokia Lumia is offered at $99. Now since they have problem, AT&T have to give $100 rebate to customers. Means the phone is thrown for free now.


Nokia N8 users will complain challenge prize not big enough. Not worth their professional time.

Randy Ashar Khoo

RM 100 voucher? WTF?

The USA one gave a laptop and android phone.
If they downgraded their offer to 100 bucks, you can ask them to shove it up somewhere.

Anyway, all their phones have been preconfigured.
I dare them to use a brand new phone out of the box for all challenges.


Its not a very fair thing. Why there arent any iphone in the challange?


meh. challenge accepted. i will bring a nokia 3310 and challenge them to who makes the fastest call.

Cheap Marketing

they give rm100 bcos at US they lose to 1 competitor USD$1000(rm3000) as precaution……


jacko, who said no iphone?


stupid msian mentalities. even the iphone does not have bluetooth to transfer files but you people will never complain, but when it comes to windows phone, you people will start complaining. trust me, i have a friend who uses a samsung note(android) and when i compared my htc mozart, i realised that my phone is much more faster and fluid. i admit that my phone is not meant for tweaking and all, but hey i am sure there are some people who wants their phone to be user friendly right. personally love my phone and i also think that android is a goo OS too although i hate it. my personal 5cents opinion.


    hey! if u want to call somebody stupid just say it to their face.. i.e: "stupid thanes.." don't drag the whole nation into this love n hates phone debate just bcoz u deeply in touch with ur phone. u can keep ur 5cents and start saving to buy a new window phone.


      okay maybe my first sentence was too rude. apologies for that.


I went there semalam, stpid challenge, from phone idle mode, take picture and attach to email. Off cousre window win because there dedicated camera button and afterward theres option for attach to mail after camera capture.

Btw, that rm100 voucher worthless.

Btw sc, the galaxy note rm1999 at this pc fair. Good time to buy. Other galaxy tablet also cheap. 7.7 is now 1899. Wow, so cheap


Anyone noticed the Audi R8 on the right side of the picture? hahaha