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DiGi refreshes Postpaid supplementary plans

DiGi has recently refreshed its postpaid supplementary lines which caters to users that use their mobile heavily for either internet or voice calls. For those that use more internet and hardly make much calls, there’s the new DG Smart Family which comes with 300MB of Mobile Internet with no extra charges after exceeding the quota.

For users that make more calls and SMS, there’s the DG PostPaid Plus Family which comes with 100 minutes of calls, 100 SMS and 20 SMS monthly. Any data used with PostPaid Plus Family is charged at a pay as you go rate of 30 sen/MB. Both plans are offered at RM28/month and comes with free 40 hours of talk time, 3000 SMS and 3000 MMS within your family numbers.

Maxis too offers something similar for supplementary line with its Value Plus Internet supplementary plan. For RM30/month, Maxis offers 250MB of data, 50 minutes of calls and 50 SMS on VPI30. If you do exceed your data quota, you can buy internet quota top up or go on pay as you go rate of 30 sen/MB.

For more information on DiGi supplementary line, head over here.