HTC One X First Official Commercial

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Along with the launch of the HTC One X and One V, HTC will also be kicking off a new marketing campaign that focuses on highlighting user experiences and what they think about the new HTC devices.

The first commercial to kick-off this campaign features an amateur photographer who was asked by HTC to do a fashion photoshoot with a model while free falling 12,000 feet from the sky using the HTC One X.

“The world’s first free fall fashion shoot” took a total of 35 jumps and a 9 skydivers including lighting experts, mid-air make-up artists, and smoke machine carrying divers. HTC wanted to show how the HTC One X is capable of producing exceptional shots even in the most extreme and unlikely conditions.

We got a first look of the commercial at the HTC One regional launch and its certainly and interesting concept. Judging by what we’ve experienced with the HTC One X and One V at the event, we are convinced of what HTC smartphones are capable of doing.

What do you think of the commercial?