Camera Shootout: HTC One X vs Sony Xperia S vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Which camera is the fastest shooter?

Posted:  March 31, 2012   By:    14 comments   

HTC claims that One X can take a picture in just 0.7 seconds. The 8MP camera is also capable of shooting 4 full frames per second up to 99 shots at one time — that’s faster that some full-fledged DSLR shooters. But how fast is the HTC One X?

We compare the HTC One X with two of the fastest Android shooters in the market right now. How will the HTC One X stack up against the Fast Capture feature on the Sony Xperia S and the Zero Shutter Lag capability of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Check out the video right after the jump to find out. Get ready to drop your jaw when the One X starts that 4FPS rapid-fire mode.

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14 Comments for Camera Shootout: HTC One X vs Sony Xperia S vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Which camera is the fastest shooter?


Surprisingly impressive. The results of the burst shot is very very good. Must be that purpose-built image processor in the One series. Would be interesting to see if software tweaks can be made on other phones to achieve comparable results.


the HTC One S screen show pretty good white balance real time view finder, the picture quality should be good, compare to Sony. Can you put up the photos in the above test for comparison purpose?

Idderes Mh


Ori Brian Chia

few months back, i remember saw an article that HTC said want to launch a top focus series of Android phone such like Galaxy S series and avoid too much product line (Sensation, EVO, Desire, Incredible, etc) which they think they should come with a primary and single line. Now I think HTC one X really make the point! Furthermore when i think about HTC android phone, first come into mind is only HTC One X.


Can share the wallpaper on the one X? Looks nice


    No we don't at the moment but will try to extract it out once we get a review unit


This is a amzing phone with a impressive camera and cpu. Yes, it can take picture quickly but the quality of those photos are not there yet, I've seen shot from the one x, xperia s and iPhone and the iPhone and xperia s took better photos. such a shame.


The One X camera performance is amazing. I think they have the best camera, for now.


In home to snap test :
Why didnt xperia s u se the dedicated camera key instead of loading the camera first?


    Strangely the dedicated camera button in home screen takes longer time to load compared to sleep more. It is faster to tap on the screen.

telefoon kopen

I have the HTC One X and the camera is very nice!