More Samsung Galaxy S III Details Revealed. Launch Might Happen in April

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When more and more leaks and rumours start to come out of the woodwork it’s an almost sure sure sign that a launch, or at the very least an announcement, is eminent. This is the latest unverified leak of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The source claims that it is the first official picture of Sammy’s latest flagship Android.

The source also has some details about the device, again, all of which are still very much unconfirmed. The Galaxy S III is said to feature a 12 megapixel camera with 1080p video and built-in software with special effects like slow-mo and time-lapse mode. In addition, the camera is said to be capable of shooting videos at 60fps (standard is 30fps). There’s also a 4.8-inch 720p Super Amoled HD display with a 1280×720 pixel resolution and a 305ppi pixel density promising a razor sharp viewing experience. Samsung’s 1.5Ghz quad-core Exynos processor is also expected to make its debut in the Galaxy S III. The processor is rumoured to be paired with 1GB of RAM.

Other specs include NFC support, a 1.3MP front camera with 720p video and a removable 1,750mAh battery and 32GB of on board storage. In terms of dimensions, the Galaxy S III is said to have a thickness of 8mm – not ultra-thin but still thin by today’s standards.

While the specs look promising, we’re still not seeing anything spectacular. There are rumours that the that the device will be made out of ceramic and Samsung will embed wireless charging technology in the Galaxy S III but these nuggets of info, like the rest, are still rumours.

Aside from the specs, more solid information about the Galaxy S III has surfaced in China where a top level Samsung exec has indicated that the device could make its first official public appearance as early April. Samsung’s Greater China President Kim Young-Ha revealed this when he spoke with Chinese media around the company’s plans for the Chinese market.

This conflicts with an earlier rumour that said Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S III on May 22 in London ahead of the 2012 Olympics to leverage the massive global sporting event. Korean reports state that Samsung is considering moving the launch of the device forward from May to April; the reason isn’t clear, but it appears that company is looking to finalise plans for what could be the official Olympic handset. With the London Olympics commencing in July, Samsung has to effectively plan and execute its launch in order to ensure it capitalise on the worldwide event and boost sales of its new handset.

So it looks like this Galaxy S III thing is going to be epic. Let’s hope the new device won’t disappoint considering the amount of buzz its generating.

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16 Comments for More Samsung Galaxy S III Details Revealed. Launch Might Happen in April


Compared to the previous leak, looks like it's the real deal. You can even see the multitasking capacitive button down there. Just hoping Touchwiz 5.0 is not as cartoony as previous TW.


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how can Samsung China representative statement conflict with rumour of unknown source ??


more and more rumours coming out..i guess samsung wan to create hype among the buyers.. making them curious, eager and increase their increase day by day.. this is another way of market tactic.. and samsung might also dun wan the htc flagship grab the users of s2 and jump ship since 1X will be selling next week.. tats why leak a bit a bit news to make the buyers think twice again before considering others.. hopefully the pricing of s3 this time will be attractive as well like 1X too..then sure will continue the legend of s2 with s3's top spec and feature..


battery matters a lot


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Samsung's calculated delay for SIII is interesting. Hopefully it is only a marketing tactic, not a technical issue


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I would say that the picture is fake because the wallpaper and widgets are the exact same ones used in the Galaxy S2 promotional pictures. Surely if Samsung were making a picture of the Galaxy S3, they'd use a different wallpaper at least.

samsung R & D

April 12 launching ? Absolutely no way

Samsung needs to get its act together before launch, Launching a flagship device (iphone 5 killer) from the best phone co in the world in haste before perfecting it would be a disaster eg antenna gate , heating issues ,Korean bugs etc

mid to end May 2012 definitely coming. get your money ready RM1899


RM1899? even 1X also sell rm2099 and Sony Xperia S is selling at rm1899… of cos if only rm1899, i am sure it will sell even more like a hot cake and continue the legend of s2…


it's obviously a fake. refer to androidpolice site which they compare to several pic which is for me quite legit.…


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can wait to see iphone 5…


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