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Vlingo says everyone deserves a voice assistant

Vlingo has released an interesting video demonstrating how its voice recognition feature is meant for everyone. Not only it is available for various smart phone models, it actually recognise accents pretty well.

For those that didn’t know, Vlingo is also pre-installed with Samsung smart phones as “Voice Talk”. Instead of pressing a button to activate, you can also activate Vlingo with magic word by saying “Hi Galaxy” or “Hi Vlingo”.

In our earlier hands-on with Siri, most location based functionalities are limited to the US. Having said that, Siri understands natural conversations as if you’re talking to a person instead of giving structured commands. This is particularly useful if you want Siri to set an appointment which is much faster than adding it on your calendar manually. You can read more about our Siri experience here.

Vlingo is available for free but with more functions reserved for paid version. It is available for Android, iOS and Blackberry. For more information, head over to Vlingo.