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DiGi will Offer Plans for the Sony Xperia S

UPDATE: Sony Xperia S now available on DiGi from RM1,149.

The Sony Xperia S launch is near. Very near. So near in fact operators are already openly hinting that they will offer plans for the device. U Mobile was first off the blocks yesterday by starting a Sony Xperia S registration of interest drive on their website and now DiGi has just dropped a hint that it too will be offering plans for the Xperia S.

Neither Sony nor the operators have openly indicated when the Xperia S will be available in stores but Friday March 16 is a big possibility. Also considering that DiGi has the advantage of an online store you can expect the yellow fellows to start opening pre-orders for the Xperia S in a few days.

With regards to pricing of the Xperia S, our guestimate is going to be around the RM1,899 and we really hope Sony will include the NFC SmartTags as an out-of-the-box bundle at launch.

We’ve already been testing a unit for a few weeks now so look out for a review soon. In the meantime, check out the related posts below:

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