Hotlink introduces new Bagus Plan

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Hotlink, Maxis’s prepaid brand today has revealed its new Bagus Plan that offers competitive rates. To get started, they are offering the starter pack at RM5 which doesn’t come with pre-loaded talk time and credit.

What’s new is its Bagus 5 Pass which offers lowered rates upon activation. For just RM5, you get to enjoy as low as 12 sen/min for Maxis to Maxis calls and 18 sen/min to call other networks. For SMS, Bagus 5 Pass charges 1 sen/SMS to Maxis and 10 sen/SMS to other networks. As limited time promo, the Bagus 5 Pass comes with free 10MB of data.

Upon activation of this Bagus 5 Pass, the RM5 is not burnt but instead transferred to a “Bagus 5 account” which is utilised for actual talk time at reduced rates. After finishing this credit, you will be charged the normal rate. You can only activate one Bagus 5 Pass per day and it is valid for up to a maximum of 3 days. To activate, just dial *100#, select Hotlink specials and select Bagus Pass.

For Hotlink users from other plans, you can change over to Bagus Plan by dialling *108*21#. RM1 fee will be charged for upgrading.

So what if you depleted or decide not to use a Bagus 5 Pass? Bagus offers discounted rates depending on your remaining credit balance. If you maintain a minimum of RM10, you get to enjoy 20% savings with calls to Maxis number at 20 sen/min and 30 sen/min if you’re calling other networks.

If you have less than RM10, you’ll be charged 24 sen/min to Maxis and 36sen/min to others. They still maintain Active 5 numbers with calls charged at 12sen/min.

In terms of IDD calls, Bagus Plan charges as low as 4 sen/ 30 seconds to China fixed line and 6 sen/30 seconds to India with its 13200 prefix. This makes it affordable for migrants and tourist to make calls back home. For International SMS, they are offering a lower 15 sen/SMS to selected 16 countries.

For more information, head over to Hotlink.

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9 Comments for Hotlink introduces new Bagus Plan

Mohd Faizal Mohd Kher

Why Hotlink still want to compare with U Mobile? Ridiculous! If u want to beat with others telco, please dont use that 3 days validity..U Mobile doesnt seem like that..always remind low charge everyday..walaupun compare dgn bagus pass..hotlink is more cheaper..but with 3 days validity, U Mobile masih menang lg..haha..Maxis/Hotlink is always to CEKIK DARAH.. -.-

    Mohd Faizal Mohd Kher

    *remain.. -.-

    Ismail Badli

    True laa…calls made from u mobile prepaid to another u mobile is free ..


Why no monthly package for data? If Maxis is acknowledging the importance of prepaid users, why are they still treating prepaid users like second class customers?

Anyway, if we extrapolate the RM12/week 250MB plan to 4 weeks, we get RM48 for 1GB. Not bad but question is why they skimp on the longevity? Monthly plans make more sense instead of weekly ones, which is why bills are billed on a monthly basis!

Shafiq Shafie

There was a catch!. I thought the call and text rates were 12sen/min and 1sen/sms to all Maxis and Hotlink numbers and 18sen/min and 10sen/sms to other networks. Need to buy that Bagus 5 pass to enjoy that lowest rates. I'm not going to change to that plan. Stick with the Youth Club with even lower rates.


celcom 28sen je for 10 minit…..murah gilerrrr

    Josephsasa Chan

    ya.. im going to change to it soon.


Very confusing bagus plan. What's with the extra bagus pass account? and the balance in the bagus pass account will get forfeited if not used after 3 days validity? What a tricky way eat your money!


Are you sure that this plan is “Bagus”? You can see that "Telco C" have cheaper rates right? LOL.

NZ Diaz

An what with Telco C charging block? 10min? LOL