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Yes introduces Unlimited Super Postpaid Plans

UPDATE: At the official launch of the Yes Super Postpaid plan, the CMO Chee Pok Jin has announced that the throttled speed is 128kbps. Obviously this is after you exceeded your monthly quota.

Yes today introduced its postpaid plans that come with unlimited data. This offers better peace of mind without any surprise charges for excess usage. There are 4 options from as low as RM48/month with 1.5GB of bundled data.

For subscribers who use more than 3GB of data a month, there’s a 4GB plan at RM68/month, 6GB at RM98/month & 10GB plan for RM168. As comparison, Yes prepaid valuepack offers 3.5GB for RM68 and 10GB for RM150 with calls and text messages bundled in.

Most Yes subscribers can certainly agree that switching to postpaid will be a better option for them as they don’t have to pay for excess usage and can stay connected even after the data cap has been utilised. Of course, speeds will be throttled down after you hit your monthly limit. Yes did not state what the throttled speed is but says that it will be comparable to industry standards (read: probably 128kbps).

While Yes allows you to carry forward unused Valuepack data indefinitely so long as you continue renewing your Valuepack, there is no such option for the postpaid plans. According to their FAQ, any unused data will be forfeited. In addition, if you are an existing Valuepack subscriber and would like to switch to Yes postpaid, all your accumulated data, talktime and SMS from the Valuepack plans are forfeited as well. That’s a bummer.

It is interesting to note that the Super Postpaid Plans mention speeds up to 10X faster than 3G with speeds up to 20Mbps but on their prepaid page, Yes mentions speeds up to 3-5X than 3G. Could this mean postpaid users might potentially enjoy faster speeds than prepaid? Or is it poor website management on Yes’s side?

In terms of devices, a 12 months contract will give you a free Yes Go USB dongle while a 24 months contract offers an option of a free Yes Huddle MiFi or a Yes Zoom home router. For the Huddle and Zoom, a device upfront payment of RM399 (for either device) is required. The up payment will be rebated back to your account across 20 months.

Overall, the plan is not groundbreaking as it offers similar value to what the rest of the industry is offering. The Yes Super Postpaid plans offer an alternative to existing 3G plans in the market and the performance of the Yes network is an added bonus.

We don’t like that there is currently no option to top up your data quota in case you burst your cap early and we’d prefer Yes to offer the Huddle on the 12-months contract as well. It doesn’t have to be free, a subsidised pricing is fine, we just don’t like that Yes is forcing users to subscribe to a longer contract tenure by limiting the device options.

For more information, head over to Yes Postpaid Plans page.