Apple’s “We have something for you to see. And touch” iPad 3 Invite Suggests the Demise of the Hardware Home Button

Posted:  February 29, 2012   By:    13 comments   

It’s official, Apple will be unveiling the iPad 3 next week. How do we know that it’s official? Well, Apple has already sent out invites for the event. But with Apple being Apple, it’s a sure bet that the invite has so much more to tell than just a date and a venue. And sure enough, it does.

Gizmodo theorises that the “And Touch” phrase in the Apple invite suggests that Apple will do away with the iconic hardware home button in the new iPad.

Here’s what Gizmodo has to say:

…there seems to be NO home button, which explains the mention of the “And touch.” in their invitation. How can we know? First, the photo they are showing is on portrait mode. You can’t achieve that icon spacing in the landscape mode (which is the only explanation for the lack of home button). Moreover, the icon falls right onto the same water drop that the current iPad 2 falls while in portrait mode. It’s clearly a photo of the iPad in portrait mode. And there’s no button to be seen.

Rumours of a home button-less iPhone/iPad have been around for ages but in the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, this no button vision didn’t happen. Could the iPad 3 finally confirm this rumour to be true? It sure does look like it.


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13 Comments for Apple’s “We have something for you to see. And touch” iPad 3 Invite Suggests the Demise of the Hardware Home Button


already happened in N9, nothing new. meh


    If u using the iPad 2 multi fingers gesture, you'll addicted to it. Cuz recently tested the Samsung 7.7 and I can't get used to tap the home icon and wanna use the mutil touch gesture. Even my friends agree to that. I think soon android gonna put this functions. A copy again.


      Android got multi fingers gesture already.


      Android has a lot of features which iPad couldn't provide to us.
      In Android, you have freedom to choose what you like, can Apple do that?


      This Don is a newbie? lolz..


Mr soyacincau, I think u missed something. The "something u really have to see" should be referred to retina display since they close up the iPad in the pix above. Am I right?


"make do" is not the right expression. It should be "do away".


    You're right. We've fixed that. Thanks! 🙂


I think they also meant about the "retina display" !!!!! "SEE" Geddit????

Baru ka Lama?

Takde Baru korang complain…skang kasi baru,pun korang complain…happraa la korang….
Lagi satu,macam la korang tak pernah tiru masa sekolah sama ada kerja rumah atau ujian…


in that case, it would be interesting to see how we could launch siri


Now the others can sue them for removing the button from their design since most of the other tablets doesn't have any button in front.


    there's gonna be a lot of lawsuit, as usual….