MWC 2012: Sony Xperia NXT Series Compared

Posted:  February 27, 2012   By:    9 comments   

Finally the Sony Xperia NXT Trio has been revealed at MWC 2012 with Xperia P and Xperia U as its new models. Appearance wise, all 3 look exactly the same and they all carry Sony’s iconic transparent belt at the bottom.

While the newer 2 models run on a lower 1.0GHz dual core processor, the P and U has its own distinctive features. On the Xperia P, it features a single aluminium unibody design and a “WhiteMagic” feature that claims to be the smartest and brightest smart phone display in the market.

Meanwhile the Xperia U looks like a mini smart phone designed for the youthful audience. While it comes with lower hardware specifications, the Xperia U offers more trendy options such as changeable bottom caps and multi-colour LED for the transparent belt.

Full specification comparison of the Xperia S, P & U after the break.

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9 Comments for MWC 2012: Sony Xperia NXT Series Compared


Android 2.3 & S3 ? lol, it is good line up but 1 year late 🙂


love Xperia P !! wondering about the battery life…


Very smart on Sony's end. It's clear that the S is their premier phone targeted at the young working crowd (21 – 39), whereas the P is the one aimed for the teenage demograph ie similar style but more affordable. The U, however, seems targeted towards women. It can be accessorized, changes color, is small and fits into smaller palms. Releasing 3 different phones which are very similar in physical style reduces confusion but widens their customer scope. Pretty smart.


    i'm sure P isn't for teenagers n U isn't for women. most of women would not bother to change those color parts everyday or so. but teenagers would do that for U. and P is for more matured ppl. also P is not gonna be cheap. cause of its aluminium body n new screen tech.

Navin Rao

When thy annouched this Xperia on Malaysia ?


sony xperia p n u available in malaysia or not???


My only gripe is why does Sony have to always be so damn late to the party.

Other manufacturers' lineups are all spearheaded by a flagship phone with quad core processor and ICS. And yet the flagship phone among the Xperia NXT series is still stuck with dual core processor and Gingerbread?

It's a damn shame, because this aside, there are lots of things to like about the NXT series.

Looks like I'll be waiting for the Galaxy III.


    1 week of March 2012… that mean next week lah…


i guess ,Sony is getting too much clever on putting all the new phone this year …. most of it are tactics… where else, some phone dont have Secondary camera but advantage is put upon other function… like Xperia Go… dust proof and water proof thou for 1 meter on 30 minute long …that for me is quite amazing… just for a scenario…let's say if your the only one using the Xperia Go and everyone is using other phone like Samsung ,HTC, iPhone, etc…any latest phone name it… and your inside a plane or a boat or anywhere near water… then it crashed but and everyone;s phone is totally OUT …EXCEPT…????? Xperia Go…..!!!!! Wouldn't that be something you would be trying to buy…? It maybe your life saver ..should there be a coverage the phone may still be able to be used ….and you may save everyone's life…????? I'm gonna buy this phone Definitely a must ….. it might come handy in the future….