Samsung Galaxy S III Rumour Round-Up

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While the Galaxy S III won’t be making its debut at Mobile World Congress this year, that’s not going to stop people in the know from talking about it. Here are some of the more interesting rumours that we’ve read about the Galaxy S III.

BGR has it from a “trusted source” that the Galaxy S III will feature a 4.8-inch screen. This is reasonable considering the Galaxy Nexus already has a 4.65-inch screen. What will be new is the screen type. This time around the Galaxy S III is rumoured to feature a HD Super AMOLED Plus screen that’s an upgrade from the HD Super AMOLED screen featured on the Galaxy Note.

In addition, the same source says that Samsung is planning a global release for the Galaxy S III with an almost simultaneous launch in 50 markets. You can also expect the new flagship Galaxy to include a quad-core processor, Android 4.0 and an uprated camera, possibly with a MP count higher than 8 that is currently the standard.

The most interesting of all the rumours is the one saying that the Galaxy S III will feature an all ceramics back panel to make the device feel premium and overcome one of the biggest gripes Samsung users have with Galaxy devices – it’s overly plasticky feel.

Using ceramics for a device might sound cool but if you consider the inherent properties of the material, you’ll realise how impractical it would be to use ceramics for a smartphone. Ceramics is inherently brittle and will not hold up well to repeated drops. A back panel lined with ceramics on the inside would be a more practical application considering its excellent heat insulation properties. The ceramic can act as a great insulation to heat produced from a powerful processor and a large battery that expected to be in the Galaxy S III.

And that’s pretty much it. It’s a bummer that the Galaxy S III will not be at MWC but we’re expecting more information to start trickling in as we get closer and closer to the official launch.

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