Compelling Theory Suggests Nokia’s N8 Successor is Mightily Impressive

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There’s a lot of speculation in the air as to what Nokia will unveil at MWC. The teaser video they released yesterday suggests a device with a really high definition camera is on the cards but what exactly is the Nokia trying to tell us?

Greek tech blog Pestaola see the video in a different perspective and postulates that the video is actually a highly detailed picture, possibly one taken using this mysterious Nokia device. So essentially the video we saw were panning shots of a really impressive still image. It’s an interesting spin and it is definitely one that we can agree with. Just look at the screen grabs for yourself, the case is very compelling

So what can we expect from Nokia? Well, possible the best camera on a smartphone to date, also possibly one that can produce pictures with quality comparable to that of a DSLR. Ok, maybe the latter is wishful thinking but even so, if the teaser video is what the Greek blogger says it is, Nokia can just shut up and take our money – unless of course the device runs Symbian, which we hope it won’t.

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2 Comments for Compelling Theory Suggests Nokia’s N8 Successor is Mightily Impressive


It's going to have a micro four thirds sensor with a f1.4 50mm equivalent prime lense.

Ruben Lim

the theory you guys suggested is clearly and obviously wrong… look at number2 and the crop2 its obvious that its different if you look at the tracks.