Nokia Teases Its Next Big Thing and It Looks Amazing

Posted:  February 22, 2012   By:    1 comment   

This just released teaser video from Nokia offers up a compelling clue as to what the Finnish manufacturer has in store at Mobile World Congress next week.

The video, titled “Get ready to capture a pure view” and consisting of very detailed close up views of a snowy landscape, suggests that Nokia will reveal a device that promises amazing imaging capabilities. We’re inclined to believe that it hints of a new range of Nokia devices carrying the “Pure” branding as well.

It’s also very possible that the video was shot using the very device that Nokia is hinting and seeing that there is a 1080p version, one can certainly deduce that this upcoming device will also be Nokia’s first ever 1080p-capable shooter.

We’ve heard rumours that Nokia is working on an epic camera smartphone to succeed the Nokia N8. This mystery device is also rumoured to be Nokia’s last Symbian phone, will we see such a device at MWC? To know for sure, we’ll have to wait till February 27. And in all honestly, we’d prefer it to run Windows Phone instead.


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Comment for Nokia Teases Its Next Big Thing and It Looks Amazing

Ivan Dorschner

It's so close to producing pictures just like those from DSLRs. Way to go, Nokia!