Photos of upcoming Sony Xperia U appears together with Xperia S

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Just days away to MWC 2012, the purported Xperia U seen as Xperia S‘s baby sibling has appeared again. This time the device was taken side by side with the Xperia S which gives a better size comparison between the two.

To recap, the ST25i which is said to be released as the Xperia U is expected to run on a dual-core 1GHz processor with a smaller 3.5″ display at 854×480 resolution. Unlike the Xperia S, the Xperia U comes with a removable battery rated at 1,290mAh. At the back, it comes with a 5MP camera with assisted LED flash.

While it maintains the same iconic transparent belt, there are some minor difference between the 2. The power button for the ST25i is placed on the left side while the USB port is exposed on the left.

Head after the break for more comparison shots.

Hit up the source link for more pics. If you haven’t, do check out our unboxing of the Sony Xperia S.


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2 Comments for Photos of upcoming Sony Xperia U appears together with Xperia S


can i knw when xperia s will release in malaysia and singapore?


Why does Xperia U still carries the Sony Ericsson brand?? Aww. Man.