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DiGi introduces new DG Postpaid Plus plans

DiGi has revealed its new DG Postpaid Plus which comes in 3 plan options – DG 48 Plus, DG 68 Plus and DG 88 Plus. While the numbers sound like its Smart Plan plans but the offering is different with its bundled calls, text and data depending on option. This is rather similar with the recent Maxis Value Plus Internet plans.

So what’s new in these plans? All 3 comes with bundled talktime, SMS and MMS but Mobile Internet is only available on DG 68 Plus and DG 88 Plus. We compared the bundled offering and rates below.

Interestingly DiGi has revised its Pay As You Go Internet rates for Postpaid Plus to 30 sen/MB which is substantial savings compared to the old 10 sen per 10KB rates. Since 100-250MB is very little, we wished DiGi offered time/day passes to upgrade your mobile Internet quota at a cheaper price.

With minuscule bundled data, these plans are more suited for those that make more calls and text. Smart phone users that use data primarily would be better off with its existing DG Smart Plans.

For more information, head over to DiGi Postpaid Plus.