Local Support for Operator Billing Coming to Windows Phone

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At the launch Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, we had a long chat with Sirpa Ikola, the Head of Smart Devices Product Marketing for Nokia South East Asia and apart from cluing us in on the availability of the white Lumia 800, she also replied to a query about operator billing for apps purchased from the Windows Phone Marketplace in Malaysia. Since many of you are wondering about the same thing, we thought we’d share what she has to say about the matter.

Sirpa said currently operator billing is not supported in Malaysia but local operators are working with Microsoft and Nokia to bring the feature to users as soon as possible. Sirpa didn’t reveal a timeline and mentioned that the three parties and local operators are still sussing out details. She however didn’t mention which operator will offer the feature.

With operator billing, paid apps are charged to a user’s mobile bill. This means you don’t have to tie a credit card to your Windows Live ID to purchase apps. Operator billing will also allow users to pay for apps using prepaid credit. This is great news for prepaid users and for those who don’t have a credit card or don’t want to have their credit card tied up to something that is as vulnerable as a mobile phone.

This is also good news for other Windows Phone users using devices from other brands because they will also get the same convenience.

So now with local support for Windows Phone Marketplace and the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, will Windows Phone finally gain traction here? We certainly hope so. The mobile operating system from Microsoft certainly has a lot of potential, combine that with the marketing capabilities of Nokia and you have yourself a potent concoction to drive a lot of interest and desire to both the product and the platform. All that remains to be seen now is, will the Malaysian public buy it.

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5 Comments for Local Support for Operator Billing Coming to Windows Phone


I've been using it for 5 days and I love the lumia 800.


Where is thy Windows Phone Marketplace?

Does not list Malaysia. Means we can't tie our credit card to our WL ID -> can't buy apps anyway.
I like the idea of Operator Billing though. Hope we get it for all WP devices.


Good to see Nokia and Microsoft actually putting in a concerted effort in making the user experience as pleasant as possible. I just wished that Google gave Malaysia the same level of attention. Google pretty much has zero presence here.


I've post a question to Microsoft about Malaysia marketplace. The prompt reply (next day) is, the market for Malaysia will be made available in few days or weeks the most. But, please note that we can't change our Live acc region or country to Malaysia if we first open the acc with other country option like Singapore or USA. In short, we can't tie our Malaysian credit card with our non Malaysia Live acc. This operator billing would be the best option for us to buy app in the marketplace. Hope they will make it available soon


Any news on the operator billing?? I'm dying to buy apps and I don't have credit cards.. Will debit card works?? I'm planning on applying CIMB debit card.. http://www.cimbbank.com.my/index.php?ch=cb_per_db…