Samsung Galaxy Note now on Maxis from RM1549

Posted:  February 3, 2012   By:    12 comments   

Maxis is finally kicking back into Android action as it now bundles the Samsung Galaxy Note. This comes right after its recent rebundling of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

On Maxis, the 5.3″ HD Super AMOLED device is offered with either 1GB and 3GB bolt-on data plans on top of any Maxis Value postpaid subscription. You can choose from 3 contract duration options of 12, 18 and 24 months. The Galaxy Note is offered as low as RM1,549 with 24 months subscription of 3GB data plan. For the minimal spender, it goes for RM1,949 with 12 months subscription of 1GB data.

The revised data plan rates have been refreshed as well. With a minimum of Maxis Value First postpaid (RM30), the minimum bundled options would be RM78/month (1GB) and RM98/month (3GB).

As comparison, DiGi offers the Galaxy Note from RM1399 while Celcom offers it from RM1368.

For more information, head over to Maxis.

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12 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Note now on Maxis from RM1549


Finally, Maxis hear our voice!

Do Maxis offer SGN White?

Rustum Ali Khan

hi maybe Maxis will soon offer Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

common sense

RM1549 for 24 long months ? omg !
You can walk into some shops in Subang Jaya SS16 where they will sell you the Note for RM1900 or so

Why bother with a torturing jail also-not-cheap-at-all plan when you can have complete freedom with own unit and a prepaid internet nowsdays, such as from uMobile, for eg

or even free wi fi all over the place


    ppl are still selling at 2299.

ex (pen)xis

hahaha stupid Maxis….i'm their loyal postpaid customer since 1999………..i just switch to celcom cos maxis got no balls to sell galaxy note earlier…….even celcom sells 4s in more friendly manner esp in more northern area unlike maxis who only cares for those in klang valley…..guess what i'm liking how celcom are treating me…..from the staff right down to their coverage quality….

William Hoo

Stupid maxis is providing a most inflexible and exp package to us. Somemore I had been checking with several maxis center ard Subang/ Sunway/ PJ but non of them has the SGN right now. When I ask for the stock availability, they just told me" we dun have stock right now, please check with maxis service" and when I call to 123, they told me anotehr story" We have the stock but duno the status from each service center, please check with them"….FXXK off, waste our time n energy~!
They shld update with laughing date if they dun have the stock~!!


    Actually I went to Celcom's branches and they also treated me the same way. Went to two branches. Each said "please call the customer service line and ask them which branch has the phone". When I called the customer service line, they said "Sorry, you'll have to check with individual branches for availability." Got me frustrated that I went running around. And I hate the fact that some branches don't have their phone numbers posted up.


Are you sure Digi is selling SGN at RM 1399.00? I've check in their website, still selling at RM 1549.00? Where did yo get the info?


    Cannot find on website. DiGi 88 plan


      Digi 88 is only for 1st 3 days launch in Dec'11, after that no more liao.


U Mobile just released the Galaxy Note package few days ago under its U88 package. Heard from the sales person that it just released last week and saw the flyer in U Mobile center @ Tropicana Mall.


which package offers the cheapest price ?