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Honeycomb Update Now Available for HTC Flyer in Malaysia

Honeycomb is now available for HTC Flyers in Malaysia. As always the update servers are staggering the release to the manage the load so if you’re not getting a notification to update your Flyer don’t be concerned. Give it a couple of weeks and the update should be coming your way. Remember to also check the “Software Updates” status in the settings menu. If you’re lucky, you might be able to grab the update manually.

To access the “Software Updates” section. Go to, “Settings” > “About Tablet” > “Software Updates”.

The update file is 210MB, so using a WiFi connection would the smart thing to do if you’re updating your Flyer.

Truth be told, we haven’t gotten the update notification for our Flyer yet. If you have already updated yours let us know if you noticed any cool or interesting features worth mentioning. Thanks!

Also, thanks to @azharbinismail for the headsup and also the screen grab you see above.