Yes offers geeky valentine’s day promo with Yes LED Cube dedication

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Valentine’s day is coming on February 14th and Yes is running a special Valentine’s Day promotion for the month of February. They are offering a combo of a Yes 4G Mifi or home gateway that comes with a free USB modem and a chance to publicly declare your love on their big Yes LED Cube in front of Lot 10 on Valentine’s day.

For RM499, they are offering either Yes huddle MiFi or a Yes Zoom gateway which comes with 2x RM50 reloads. Looking at the details, they are giving RM30 free credit upon activation. On top of that, they will give RM60 loyalty credit for every 6 months within the 1 year subscription period they give RM60 if you stay with them for 6 months and they will give additional RM100 if you stay on further until 12 months. That makes the Yes huddle Mifi and Yes Zoom effectively RM249 if you stay with them for a year.

In the promo, they listed a total bundle of RM190 credit but from our calculation it is RM130 bundled credit upfront and additional RM120RM160 credit if you stay on for a year. Not sure if there’s any mistake but do clarify with them before signing up. In addition, they will also give a free Yes Go USB Modem with RM50 rebate credit for your loved one. Seriously, a USB stick as a Valentine’s Day gift? We rather you give the Yes Huddle Mifi as a gift instead.

Only those that purchase the Valentine combo will be entitled to submit their dedications online. The top 10 will be picked and shall be notified on February 13th, the day before the dedications go live on V-day. As extra goodies, they are also throwing additional prizes for the best top 3 submissions for the entire month. So if you want your message to be on the cube, you better do so before February 12th.

For more information, head over here.

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5 Comments for Yes offers geeky valentine’s day promo with Yes LED Cube dedication


Sound like good timing to grab Huddle Mifi and Yes account.
Anyway, Yes had decommited on the launch of android phone. Previously they said might launch 2011, but until today still no news on that..

Still thinking whether to go for this…


    I already knew it is going to be a failure the moment they announce it. I heard the prototype is running single core, how to fight quad core smart phone coming this year?


I am waiting for the phone as well. Even Gruop CEO words also tak boleh pakai. He mentioned during YTL Power AGM in Nov 2011 that the phone will be out in Jan 2012 at half-the-price of iphone.


A Nokia Windows Phone 7 with 4G is more believable than Yes coming out with their own phone. No way they will make their own phone. Malaysia market is too small unlike the US where it is big enough to make AT&T or Verizon exclusive models.


    May be they too ambitious, or they just have big dream, but bad execution like other…
    Agree that Malaysia market is too small, really not worth to create a model for YTL Yes 4G Wimax only. Anyway, even YTL want a piece of cake of LTE…… When the time they roll out their android phone, may be it will not attractive anymore.