Galaxy S III to Be Unveiled at Mobile World Congress? Samsung Still Vague

A couple of days back, rumours claim that Samsung is looking to delay the debut of the Galaxy S III. Many anticipated that Samsung’s new flagship smartphone will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress this year just as the Galaxy S II made its debut at the 2011 MWC.

Speculators speculate that the reason behind the delay is that Samsung didn’t want such a long lead time between the unveiling of the device and it’s slated US launch which is said to happen sometime in June. This sounds legit as Samsung sees the US as a key market where it hopes to break Apple’s stranglehold in the smartphone segment but as far as the delay is concerned, it’s still very much a rumour.

Seeking clarification on the matter, Samsung was asked in a conference call earlier today on whether its next flagship device will be revealed at MWC. Officially, Samsung says that they’re “still reviewing several options when to launch” the Galaxy S III. You can listen to the audio clipping of the official answer from Samsung right after the jump.

While the response is vague, it does open up the possibility of a Galaxy S III debut at MWC and the possible availability of the device in Malaysia before June.

So are the delay rumours just rumours? We have a feeling that they are. In any case we’ll see a lot more information about the Galaxy S III presenting itself in the coming weeks. That should give a better picture on what Samsung is up to.