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Samsung Releases Update for Galaxy Note. Makes One-Handed Operation Easy

Samsung is currently rolling out a firmware update of the Galaxy Note and it’s a considerable one as well making the hefty device easier to operate with one hand.

The OTA update brings changes to the lock screen, keyboard and dialer keypad to name a few enhancements. Unfortunately, this update does not include Android 4.0.

The lock screen gets a “swipe to unlock” message at the bottom. In addition, the distance you have to swipe to unlock the screen has also been reduced considerably to make is easier for you to unlock the device with one hand.

The keyboard has also been updated to include a new row of keys for numbers as well. You also get the option to customize your keyboard for one handed use and also the option to oriented the keyboard for left- or right-handed use. The dialer keypad also gets the same features making it easier for the Galaxy Note to be operated with one hand.

The update is available now and is being rolled out to all open market devices. That means Malaysian units should be getting the update right about now, no KIES required. The update is 70 MB so have your Galaxy Note connected to WiFi before you begin the update process.

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