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The Maxis Value Plus Internet Plans

This post is sponsored by Maxis. No matter what your needs are,
they’ve got a plan for you.

To use the Internet on your mobile, there are usually 2 routes. Get a data plan which is usually expensive or go on Pay-As-You-Go basis. For light users, a monthly data plan is usually costly and sometimes too much for just the occasional social networking updates and web browsing on your mobile phone. On the other hand, the normal 3G pay-as-you-go rates of 10sen/10KB are just too expensive because 1MB of data will cost you RM10.

So where’s the middle ground? Here’s where the Maxis Value Plus Internet plans come in giving you low commitment plans that also come with mobile internet, calls and SMS.

The Plans

For those that spend a little, you can start off with Value Plus Internet 50 (RM50/monthly) which comes with 250MB of data, 100 minutes of calls and 100 SMS. All bundled calls and SMS are applicable to all local numbers in Malaysia, except of course if you’re on roaming. Additional phone calls are charged at 12sen/minute to Maxis numbers while calls to other networks are charged at 20sen/minute. For SMS, they charge 5sen to Maxis numbers and 15sen to other networks.

For Maxis Value Plus Internet, all additional usages are charged at 30sen per MB which is considerably cheaper than the usual RM10/MB on the normal pay-as-you-go rate. At 30sen/MB, an additional 50MB on your Value Plus Internet plan would cost RM15 as opposed to RM500 if you are to follow the 10sen/10kb pay-as-you-go rate.

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If 30sen/MB is too much for you, there’s a cheaper option. The Maxis Value Plus Internet plans also offers time sensitive mobile internet quota upgrades from as little as RM2/hour or RM8/day or RM10/GB for 3 days. This gives you the flexibility to stay connected cheaply when you need the data the most.

According to Maxis, an SMS notification will be sent if you hit 80% of your quota, giving you ample time to plan your quota upgrade purchase. In addition, Maxis does not throttle your data connectivity if you exceed your data quota.

If you need more talk time and use more than 300MB a month, there’s the Value Plus Internet 80 (RM80/monthly) which comes with 500MB data, 300 minutes of calls and 300 SMS.

For just RM30/month extra, you get double the data and triple the number of calls/SMS of the Value Plus Internet 50. Calls to other networks are cheaper too on the Value Plus Internet 80 at 18sen/minute as opposed to 20sen/minute on the Value Plus Internet 50.

Supplimentary Line
Supplementary lines users can get on the mobile internet bandwagon too with the Maxis Value Plus Internet 30 for supplementary line plan. At RM30/month the Value Plus Internet 30 for supplementary lines come with 250MB of data, 50 minutes of talktime and 50 SMS. You also get free 15 hours of talktime and 1500 SMS between family lines.

These new plans from Maxis are great alternatives for light browsers and those who want to stay connected casually but don’t want to commit to expensive data plans. No doubt there are cheaper plans out there in the market but Maxis boasts on having superior voice quality and 3G coverage nationwide. It’s something you can consider if you’re not a hardcore mobile surfer.

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