Celcom officially reveals Samsung Galaxy Nexus plans

UPDATE: Celcom updates their Galaxy Nexus page, now offers early bird RM10 x 6 months promo discount. Now their Galaxy Nexus is showing 16GB instead of earlier 32GB. According to the T&C, the early bird promo is valid only for the first 300 subscribers.

Celcom has finally unveiled its Samsung Galaxy Nexus plans today with bundled device pricing from RM1,368 for consumer plans and RM1,348 for Biz plans. The plans are the same as the unconfirmed plan details posted last week. However there’s no mention of the RM60 extra rebates on Celcom website.

For consumer plans, you get a choice from monthly RM88 to RM250 commitment plans with 12 months and 18 months contract options. The highest commitment plan of Celcom Exec 250 at 18 months will let you pick up a Galaxy Nexus for RM1,368 while the lowest and shortest commitment of Celcom Exec 50 + Mobile Internet Basic of 12 months will let you have it for RM1,708. On BIZ Plans, you’ll have 2 monthly plan options at RM118 and RM150 but tied to a 24 months duration.

On Celcom, there’s an upfront payment between RM300 – 600 and this will be rebated back to your bill over 12 months period. For cancellation of contract midway, Celcom charges a penalty of RM500.

If you’re interested to find out the minimum ownership cost on Celcom compared to others, check out our Galaxy Nexus plan comparison. Since there’s no mention of the 6 months X RM10 promo, you might need to add RM60 into Celcom plans.

For more information, head over to Celcom’s Android page.

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