Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Celcom & DiGi Plans compared

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UPDATE: Celcom finally reveals official Galaxy Nexus bundled plans. Details are the same however there’s no mention of RM60 rebate.

UPDATE 2: DiGi has made some drastic changes on their Galaxy Nexus offering. They no longer offer 12 months option and the offered device price is now RM1,999 with more rebates on the monthly subscription fee. Check out the latest comparison at the bottom of the post after the break.

Original Post Before 16th January
The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be officially available in Malaysia on Friday the 13th. DiGi has fired the first salvo by offering pre-orders ahead of launch from RM1399. Meanwhile Celcom too is expected to offer the Galaxy Nexus from as low as RM1368.

So what’s the difference between the 2? First is the contract duration where DiGi offers 12 & 24 months while Celcom offers 12 & 18 month options. Next is the subscription plan where both offerings are different.

On DiGi, the subscription fees are the lowest but that’s because it only comes with mobile internet data and calls & SMS are charged separately. This is perfect for those that hardly make much calls or SMS and rely greatly on mobile internet for communication with apps such as WhatsApp, FB Messenging and etc. For Celcom, all 3 plans on offer comes with bundled voice calls and SMS with its Celcom Exec plans.

So how much does it cost to own a Galaxy Nexus on these bundled plans? Read on for more.

We compared both plans from DiGi & Celcom and calculated the minimum cost of ownership. Obviously for DiGi you would be more likely incur more than the shown calculations below as calls and SMS are charged separately.

12 months

18 months

24 months

On Celcom, they are offering 6 months promo of RM10 rebate which effectively is RM60 extra rebate on all plan options. For DiGi, as usual they are offering RM5/month rebate if you opt for auto-billing. However if you do opt for the longer 24 months contract on DG Smart Plan 68, they are giving an extra RM15/month rebate for 24 months. That’s a total of RM480 savings and if you do the math, the effective subscription fee is only RM48/month for 3GB data during the contract period.

Do note that the Celcom figures are based on unconfirmed plan & pricing which is subject to change. There’s a small possibility that Celcom could change their promo rebates to counter DiGi’s offering. If you spot any mistakes, do alert us in the comments below.

UPDATE: We compare DiGi’s latest Galaxy Nexus Plan and Celcom’s official offering.

As you would noticed, DiGi no longer offers 12 months option which means that DiGi & Celcom do not compete in the same contract duration anymore. The biggest change is how DiGi offers the device where it no longer offers the Galaxy Nexus from RM1,399. Right now all Galaxy Nexus from DiGi are sold at RM1,999 with just RM100 subsidy but with rebated monthly subscription of RM20-RM30 off. If compared with DiGi’s earlier offer, the new plan is much higher than before. So those that have gotten it earlier will enjoy more savings.

12 months

18 months

24 months

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11 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Celcom & DiGi Plans compared

Dr Izuan

Thanks for the post guys, really helpful. hope that digi can give the idigi package, would be cheaper don't you think. can't wait to my hands on the nexus!!!

Zack Zidane

for all, i think celcom package are still affordable and taking into consideration the coverage as well better


Celcom does not reveal any plan regards to Galaxy nexus right until today, what more disclose any single news about Galaxy Nexus. How was it "true" about SC info?


    I've confirmed with one of the Celcom agents. Available on Friday.

    Ben, KL


      Is it possible to buy the phone without any plan?


Digi and celcom give value for money compare to maxis….going to migrate to celcom….


Just hope that it is not too overpriced…:(


fyi digi now will stop your data after you reach the quota. no more unlimited data like last time when you could continue using the data network after hitting the quota with slower speeds


Checkout d lastest digi plan. Subscription cost went up by RM360.


The month commitme for 24 months is rm 38


    yeah, they bumped the price by 600 and reduced monthly commitment by 10, so that means there's still a premium of 600-240=360. i was lucky to have ordered it online for 1399 before release, but 360 quite drastic if you asked me. what's digi up to?