Maxis reduces monthly mobile internet plan rates |

Maxis reduces monthly mobile internet plan rates

Posted:  January 8, 2012   By:    19 comments   

Maxis has finally revealed its new reduced monthly mobile internet plans. Just recently, most Maxis subscribers with mobile internet plans were bumped with higher data quota for free. The most recent we’ve seen is existing 500MB subscribers at RM58/month are upgraded to 1.5GB/month.

Comparing the new rates with the previous one, the 500MB and 3GB plans are reduced by RM20. The 1.5GB option is currently missing form the table but there’s a new 1GB option at RM48/month. Another plan that’s missing is the 6GB option at RM98/month. Overall, the reductions are pretty good which saves you RM240/year.

Maxis still charges excess fee if you exceed your monthly quota but the rates are now cheaper at 30sen per MB. Previously it was charged at 10sen per 10KB which is about RM10 per MB. For more information, head over to Maxis Mobile Internet section.

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19 Comments for Maxis reduces monthly mobile internet plan rates


So it's kinda bad news for iPhone plan subscriber isn't it? Previously they allocated RM50 for data from the iPhone plan 1.


This only applies to postpaid. is currently unaccessible, and the *100# menu still shows the old rates for data. Hopefully it will be refreshed tomorrow.

I did complain to @MaxisListens thru twitter about the stupidly expensive mobile internet charges. Didn't think they'd listen. If it applies to Hotlink then I'll be sending a thank you tweet to them!


    not only u complaint it.. everyone complaining it to maxis

Malcolm Lim

Excellent. The plans are more bang for buck now 🙂

Tarmizi Kamaruddin

RM10 per MB!
Open any YouTube video and you have already paying RM100!


    it has always been rm10 per MB.. thats why they offer internet plans. its the same with other telco's, nothing new


hope the plan on hotlink prepaid user also change. thx for the info.


Too bad I not on Maxis anymore. Anyway, hope other telcos will follow, as today Malaysia mobile internet charge way too high compare to other countries.


    other telco are already cheaper than Maxis prior to this.
    Maxis that are playing catch up.


Looks like M feeling the heat. I am porting all my families prepaid lines to U. 500MB at RM28… M still bloodsucker..


    I'm going to port myself to umobile too. Maxis and Astro both sucks blood.


Good move by M… Hope all the telcos will further reduce the data charges to make it affordable for everyone.


What about existing plan which is still under contract?


I just called their custcare… seems like those under contract wont enjoy this new reduced rates 🙁
can soyacincau please confirm this?


3gb at RM68???? where got reduce??? i'm paying 3gb for rm68 since may last year!!!


    broadband right ?


    Mobile Internet and Mobile Broadband got difference la. 3GB used to be RM88


how much the charges for sms and voice call for the data plan?


Many plans out there cheapest then maxis mobile internet plan with large quota..feel sad with maxis because i have mny year stay with maxis