Galaxy Nexus in white makes an appearance. Not sure when coming to Malaysia

Everyone’s into white devices nowadays. We see more white iPhones 4 and iPads 2 than the black ones. When the white Galaxy Note was introduced, many of you commented that it looked better than the dark blue one. Seeing that there are many pure white fans out there, Google and Samsung are making available the Galaxy Nexus in white as well.

The white Galaxy Nexus will be available in the UK this February. There’s no word on when the device will come to Malaysia. While it’s possible for Samsung to release both the black and white versions of the Galaxy Nexus in Malaysia come January 13, we don’t think this will happen.

But we reckon the white Galaxy Nexus will still come to Malaysia, it’s just a question of when. By the looks of things, it’ll probably be a couple of months after the black version officially launched here.

So which one will it be? Galaxy Nexus in white or black? Personally, we’d take the black version.